Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Quantum Dissolve: Chapter Seventeen. (Streetsweepers meet Mage-shiv)

JS and CC were out on patrol, when suddenly they saw her saunter up.

Brunette, average height, athletic build, and clad in some sort of bikini deal made of horror latex made to look all bio-tech, and painted silverish grey.

She had a gauntlet made of the same stuff that came to a clawed glove on her right hand, and there was a gemstone mashed in there.

"He's taken, bitch. Move along", Chokecherry murmured in annoyance.

"Oh...okay, well, anyway, you guys have met me, so, you can still use my Bacon points. Oh, right, hi, Mage-shiv, there, now you've met me".

She waved goodbye, and left.

"That was odd", JS said.

"Get used to shit like this", CC grumbled.

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