Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Adding to my collection (Part 11)

(See here for part 10)

Phew, ohhh, this miserable HEAT!
You should see my poor cats, they're melted.
So, anyhoo, boxed and bagged up a shitload of crappy old DVDs, and CDs, and VHSes I didn't want anymore, and took 'em up to Bullmoose for store credit.
It was 20 years of detritus, so it was a sizable pile, but given how nasty-neat and efficient I strive to be, it wasn't so bad.
Two small boxes, two small bags.

Got enough dough for three free flicks, so, here they are.

Batman The Movie (1966)


See here for my rambling on that one.
So, this post also counts as the update to "Assessing My Collection".

DVD features are a documentary, and an Adam West and Burt Ward commentary.
Can't wait to dig into those.

Evil Dead (2013)

See here.

Man, that was a quick turnaround!
Thing just came out in fucking April!
And, I was right, the DVD art is better than the crappy poster.

Features are a couple documentaries, no commentary.
They're more and more forcing you to get the Blu-ray.

American Mary (2013)

See here.

DVD features are a documentary, and a commentary by The Soska Sisters.

Damn, where were these awesome crazy bitches when I was young?
Everyone wanted to be their fucking humdrum parents.
It was disgusting.
I couldn't stand it.
...but I digress...

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