Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Harry Hembock: Champions Of The Weird.

Ah, what the hell, I mentioned it here, may as well show it off.
What special occasion am I saving it for?

So, that's the title graphic I made up for it.
The episodes were going to be called "macrosodes", instead of minisodes.

Here's the test one.

So, yeah, it would have picked up right from minisode #100 with Harry being CEO of Hemtech.

See, I joked somewhere, I think in the commentary episodes, that the next chapter was going to start right in with 30 pages of mindless slaughter to make up for the lack of action in the finale of Dark Designs.
So, this was going to lead right into that.

The creation date on the file says January 5th, 2011.
So, wow, it got that far away from me.

Casting my eye back through the wayback machine, that would have been between when I was bitching about the guy in the ICU waiting room, and when I was wasting time spitting on random ad campaigns (this and this).
Well, that's it right there, the year of hell was going on, and it decimated my fucking creativity.
I just had nothing left at the end of every rotten day for fucking Harry comics.

I obviously would have wanted it started in time for Harry's 22nd birthday, but that clearly didn't happen.

Well, looking at the strip, it looked like Harry's mission was to make the 10's the decade of Hembock.
So...what, he was going to go from CEO to revolutionary?
It doesn't quite work.
Yeah, better that I'm coming at that angle with Jade-Shade.
Where I'm at creatively doesn't work spoken through Harry's lips anymore.
It's obvious now, but it took me forever to figure that out, and start from scratch towards what I really wanted to do.

And, for that macrosode at least, I seemed to want to (defiantly so) preserve my sloppy hand drawn overlapping pages panel design.
Dunno if I would've kept that or not.
I do know I was sick of the prefab nine panel grid I used for Dark Designs.

So, anycrap, I guess this was one of those evolutionary steps.
Didn't pay out immediately, but pointed me in the right direction, even if I couldn't see it at the time.
Or even for the next couple years....
But, I got there, Jade Shade is what I want to be writing.

I do like "champions of the weird", though, I might recycle that somewhere...

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Diacanu said...

I look back, and it lines up just right.

The year of Hell was going on, I was creatively lost, so I started wallowing in nostalgia, and did those "I love the ___", decade things, and that evolved into the horror reviews, and that expanded out into the superhero reviews.

And all that ended up boiling down into my homework for Jade-Shade.

When it got up to October, that's when I saw the green Halloween mask at the store, and almost bought it, and chickened out, and regretted it, because it was almost like it was calling out to me.
So, I put that actual incident into the JS story in chapter 4.

Somehow, I traced down that October 20th was the date it actually happened, so I put that real date in there as the birth of the idea of Jade-Shade.

Then, 2012, I put out the Harry books.

Then, this year, I finally fine tuned the idea enough, and it became Jade-Shade.
Although, I had it rolling around as far back as 2011.

But, yeah, that whole year lines up, and I see where it all came from.


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