Monday, July 15, 2013

The year without Twinkies.

Well, 9 months, anyway.
Enough time to grow a new human being fer chrissakes.

Here's a link to "Gorge-a-thon 8", where they died.

Anyway, they're back.

So, what's gone on?
Well, not much for the Twinkies.
People got on with their lives.
Which makes me think, a lot of things this culture thinks it can't do without could go away, and we'd be okay.
How about the NFL?
Let's get rid of them for 9 months, see how that goes.

What else?
Well, the obvious ramification of the Twinkie mess, is another union is dead.
The rich always get their way in the end.
No one batted an eye over that.
Everyone just rolls over, and takes it.
"Home of the brave", my ass.

How'd that 9 months go for the world?
Bunch of people died.
One of the Glee kids didn't make it.
DOMA got overturned.
Buncha movies came out.
Human Centipede 3 completed filming, and is in the editing phase.
I started a new project.
Harry turned 24.
Krazyfool's Den turned 14.
Harry book 1 turned 1.
Shmegalamonga turned 5.
As did Harry Dark Designs.

Yeah, just stuff.

Thought there'd be riots on the front end, and parades on the back end of this whole thing, frankly.
But, there ya go.
Planet kept turning just fine.

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