Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Superheroes 2.5: Part 3- The Wolverine.

Theeeere, that's more fucking like it!!

Very briefly mentioned it here.
Just like having the links, so I ain't gotta go digging...

Let's break this baby down.
  • Kicks "Pacific Rim", in the dick.
  • The above fact antidoted the terrible malaise that experience left me in for the whole rest of yesterday. I finally felt awesome coming out of a theater again. It was the feeling "Pacific Rim", was supposed to give me, and didn't. It's not me, I'm not broken. Good to know.
  • Characters I gave a shit about!!
  • Asian women with spines!
  • Real stunts!
  • Human beings!
  • Hmm...I dunno, I'd put it right up there with Iron Man 3, maybe even better.
  • Unless "Kickass 2", really pulls out some surprises, this just might be the best superhero flick of the summer.
  • Oh, it's no "Dark Knight Rises", or "Avengers", but it's damned good.
  • One minus, it's PG-13, but, the R rated cut is coming right to DVD.
  • Stay after the credits.
  • This jazzes me for "Days Of Future Past".
  • There were no cons.
  • Okay, there were fanboy gripes about changes to a couple characters but...III didn't care.

6 down, 1 to go.
Bring on "Kickass 2".
Wow, 7 fuckin' movies this summer.
This might be a new record for me.

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Dan O. said...

Every superhero flick nowadays seems to be too serious and melodramatic, but not this one. Good review.

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