Saturday, November 24, 2012

First-world problems.

So, while I have a break between holidays (Thanksgiving, n' Christmas), let's get this one out of the way...

So, the Atheism Plus debacle has gotten me thinking...

...well, relevant part quoted here...

And the rest of you lot?
Fuck you, fuck your whining, fuck your tears, fuck your drama, fuck your fevered egos, fuck your middle-class privilege, fuck your entitlement, and fuck your first-world problems.

And, I got thinking, I've probably blubbered about some first-world problems in these pages.
Usually, irony/humor was intended, like crying over Twinkies.
So, that shit, I don't apologize for.
That's all in fun.

But...I'm sure I probably did it sincerely in places, like a spoiled teenage bitch who didn't get a car for Christmas, so, in a desire not to resemble the Atheism Plus scum in any way, and in the same spirit of spring cleaning (except in the fall) as "Re-sequenced Photons", time for a sequel-of-sorts to the blog review.

Let's go through "Life Is Just Awful", as I suspect the worst culprits will probably be there.

"General cultural criticism", well, those are humor, skip....

"Slogan series", ditto, plus, those complaints are about cultural brainwashing you should get hip to, and resist.
So, that's a public service.

"Innerspace", blah, skip.
Torn that apart already.

Aw, gawd, "Postcards from Podsville", okay, most of that, my apologies.

The "talk I wish series", doo-doo except maybe the kid and 20's ones.

And, even the 20's one, I'm sure maybe reads to some like "oh, waah, someone employed me!".
Yeah, I get that.

The teen one "oh, waahh! High school sucks!", yes, that's not a new observation.
Everyone hated high school.
All my "high school sucks", ones scattered around, sorry for that.

The "what I don't do", collection, yeah, that's all spleen venting.
Why pay a shrink, when I can abuse you people, right?
*Elbow nudge*

The two batches of "there's nothing to know", ditto.
Yeah, yeah, I'm not like other people, and what makes them happy doesn't work for me at all, I've come to terms with it.
No need for anger anymore.
It's just the genetic/neural cards I was dealt.
Time to accept myself, and life, and move on.

Oh, I don't take it back, understand.
A lot of what I've observed really is bullshit.
But, giving it the finger doesn't help.
Nothing short of global genocide really helps.

Just gotta disconnect myself from it, I have no stake in it, focus on things that matter to me.
What little is left....

It's like getting flustered over "Honey Boo-Boo", just don't watch the stupid mess, y'know?

Oh, shit, yeah, "Pussy Control", I gotta address that one separately, cuz that one deals with *gasp* "patriarchy"!!
Yeah, that's a favorite buzzword of the rad-fems.
They blame everything up to and including a stubbed toe, or stale chips on patriarchy.

I (obviously) think patriarchy exists, but I think it's on it's way out, except maybe in middle-eastern countries.
In the west, its worst crimes are in the past, it's just some lingering traces of "Mad Men", kinds of shit, and those people/institutions are dying off.
They're doomed, and they'll crumble on their own.

It's not this mustache-twirling conspiracy that the rad-fems literally lose sleep over.

And...if it what?
Fight it!
You don't fight it by being a fucking crying victim.
That's why I think I really despise rad-fems.
They're not strong.
They're deliberately and consciously a victim culture.

When I think of feminism, I think...of well, Wonder Woman.
Ain't no Wonder Woman on their team.
Oh, I'm sure they think someone like Ophelia Benson fits the bill.
She doesn't.
Dead stop.
Next fucking case.

That loops it back to the inspiration for this entry.
I'm not going to be a victim of this bullshit anymore if I can possibly help it.
I gotta do things that work.

Well, back to it...

Snark series...well, that's a combination of humor, and big-world problems, so...that evens out.

Religion and politics, covered those in "Re-sequenced Photons".
I covered a lot of this stuff there with the appropriate eye-rolls, and tongue clicks, and hand waves.

Um...let's try "some times of my life".

Most of that's light, and humorous.
Most of the tragedies are genuine.

Okay, getting kicked off the stupid anime/Tenchi board, that was dramatic at the time, and looking back, was a whole fat lot of nothing.

Ditto burning out on Wordforge, and spewing bile about the place.

Total first-world problem.
Apologies, readers.
Especially 'Forgers.

"My Batman  moment",...yeah, David Robertson and Richard Morgan were/are douchebags, but the Atheism Plussers are nastier than they ever dreamed of.
Bit of irony there.
It isn't lost on me.
I still want to be a Batman against bullshit though.
I just have to focus my vision better.

And I will, on the next big project, after the holidays.

So, that's that.
Looking back over things...there's a bunch of wince-worthy stuff, but, it's part of my growth process.
And, it's not as much as I thought it would be.
I'm actually doing all right with this li'l ol' blog.

And, (as evidenced by this very look-over) I plan to do better.

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