Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gorge-athon (Part 10)

Humpty Dumpty Potato Chips 

The chips-

They're chips.
They're good.
Whaddya wanna hear?

The history-

These were THE chips when I was growing up.
Fuck Ruffles, fuck Frito-Lay, it was fuckin' Humpty Dumpty all the way.

Lotta happy memories....

Anyway, fuckin' Canadians bought 'em out.
So, there goes another shred of our Maine pride.

We're down to Stephen King, and he's gonna die someday.
Guess I gotta get famous....what a burden.
It's all your fault, Humpty Dumpty, you were supposed to stay in Maine forever.

Weathervane (1969-present)

The restaurant-

Quite possibly my favorite place.

Here's their site.
Here's their menu. (Page 1, 2)

I recommend the fish & chips, and the fried mushrooms (natch).
If you utter "tilapia", they fucking shoot you.

The history-

Here's the one from the mall...

..talked about that here.

We went to the one up in Kittery all through the 90's, that was our return leg of our New Hampshire flea market trip with my (now deceased) grandmother.

Up to Shady Dave's flea market, and then to Weathervane for dinner.
Comics, tapes, and fish n' chips.
Ahh...I miss those days.
I can still  have all those things...but, it's not the same.
Nothing ever is.

Full Belly Deli (????-present)

The restaurant-

Excellent grub, they've got a giant Thanksgiving sandwich that makes even me nicely full, and, they have Cel-Ray to wash it down with!

So...they don't have an official site, but, here's a scan of their menu...

And, that photo is from my location blog, see below...

The history-

See here.

Hoggy's (2010(?)-present)

The restaurant-

Another awesome place.

They're a meat market, and a store, and a restaurant all rolled into one.

They also have a marvelous Thanksgiving sandwich.
Their cheddar ranch burger can't get down your gullet fast enough.
And, their pulled pork literally melts in your mouth.

And, they're one of the only places I can find Cherry Crush.
In bosses, yet!
...too bad my soda days are behind me...

The history-

Um, the above covers it, they haven't been around long enough to write a life chapter around yet.

I did try "Hoggy's heartburn", which is their obscenely large Italian sub, and...I defeated it, but I was tired from eating before I ever got full.
Lotta goddamned chewing.

Had olive and pickle breath for the next three days.
Heartburn? They weren't kiddin.
Good though.

Mike's Fancy Cakes (1991-present)

The business-

Makes wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and pastries that are sold at local convenience stores.

Ohh...man...that coconut brownie up there?
Ho-ly shit!

Yeah, if you're a Maine-uh, and your convenience store is in Mike's range, ignore the friggiin' Hostess (not a hard feat now) and go right to those plain wrappers with the generic labels.
You will be well rewarded with ultimate flavor.

His site here.

The history-

Did I mention the coconut brownie?

Yeah, well, um...oh, and he makes a carrot cake Twinkie with cream cheese frosting filling!
You won't see that roll off the Hostess assembly line, nosiree.

Anyway, I typically find his stuff at Low's, or 1st Stop.

So, that's that.
A taste of Maine, as it were.


hyla2 said...

I'm still reeling from this. Humpty Dumpty sold out to Canada!?

The company belongs to people from . . . AWAY?

My god . . . I've been away too long . . . :[

hyla2 said...

Oh, well!

At least they didn't sell out to Massachusetts or anything! :D

Diacanu said...

Yeah, least they didn't sell out to Massholes...

Well...the flavors are all still the same, the bags are roughly the same.

I was actually hoping we'd get some Canadian flavors.

Canucks get roast chicken and stuffing flavor, and gravy flavor.

Nope, no such luck.
And the company that bought Humpty Dumpty makes those too.

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