Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Posts I was going to do.

So, this past year and some change, I've had a bunch of lists, and a list of the lists, and, I've been pecking away at the thing, and....I think I've finally about used it up now.

...except "holidays", that's still a running project.

But, that'll get done too.
And, that list is closing in on done.
Winter will pretty much kill it off.

So, here's shit that popped into my head way back when I was hammering out the giant list, and...I find it's crap I don't wanna do anymore.

But, I got some time to fill, so, I'll make a post about it, and kill it off with that.

A "good guy", sequel to "The Legion Of Sociopaths".
That was gonna be a thing.

A fleshed out version of "Inner-space 5.5- Godzilla & King-Kong Across History 2", that split everything up into good guys, and bad guys, and it would've taken at least 2 parts, maybe 3.
Nah, lotta work for rehashing old crap.
Gotta just let the bad posts go sometimes.

"Lemons Into Lemonade".
I...really don't know what the fuck this was going to be.
It was going to be a threequel to "Life Is Just Awful", and "Life Is Just Lovely", and...was going to find the silver lining to all the bad shit, or...something...somehow.
But, not like self helper bullshit like "Innerspace", ended up as.
Like, it was gonna even be a little dark if it had to be, like Onion headlines, y'know?
Fuck that, I just gotta do fresh stuff. Again, no more recaps.
"First-world problems", was that.

A prequel to the "I love the...", stuff that's compiled as "Krazy For Decades".
All right, this idea was actually pretty good, was just gonna take weeks of time I don't want to spend anymore.
I got a big project coming up for early 2013, gotta clean my slate, no more bullshit.
Anyway, the idea, was I was going to go back, and find all the sick and weird stuff that was censored from mainstream history starting at the 1900's, and catching back up to the 70's.

I got some of that stuff, I'll throw it in.

Strange sisters.

Has cover paintings for lesbian porno novels of the 1950's and 1960's.
Lot of ones where the guy gets to watch.
Nothing explicit, and it's funny as hell to see "Father Knows Best", looking people engaged in these hi-jinks.
And, it's real for the era, not some Facebook meme parody.
People have always liked their porn.
The 50's weren't Republican-Disneyland at all.

Anyway, enjoy.

Rotten Cocksuckers Ball.

A filthy song from 1954.

Don't fuck around with love.

A lovely little doo-wop.

And if you want some dirty blues from the 30's/40's, look up anything by Bo Carter, or Blind Boy Fuller.
I don't think they wrote any clean songs.

So, yeah, the entry would have been decade by decade, and stuff like that.
Dirty blues, beatnik poets, junkie novelists, it would have had it all.
Would've been fun, but...well, I gave my reasons.
No time.

Aaand, that's that.

That's the end of the list.
I'm free!!!

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Diacanu said...

Oh, shit, yeah, and this thing called "cultural cuckoos", about horrible people that society seems to think are wonderful.

The Oprah rant in "Son Of Boob Tube", would have been the launchpad for that.

But, nah, tears into crap celebrities well enough.

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