Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quantum Dissolve: Chapter Two. (Taking it up a notch)

Day 25.

Punks, a pimp (twice), alleyway rapist, purse thief, punks, purse thief, another pimp, taggers, purse thief.

It was slowly going better.
Word was getting around.

And yet...Dusty still didn't feel like The Jade Shade yet.
He knew he could be doing more.

But what?
Time to regroup, and think, he figured.

Day 30, it came to him.

Of course.
It was right under his nose.
And, he didn't miss it for lack of imagination.
He had just had to build up the nerve.
The street trash were just practice.
Just buildup.

Day 35

Sol's Pizzeria, an obvious mob front no one talked about.

Sol found his front windows smashed in, a whole dead pig from a nearby butcher shop (also a mob front) was left in the middle of the floor.

Written on it in green spray-paint, was the simple message "I'll be watching -JS".

The Mayor's mansion.

An almost identical pig, front lawn, green spray-paint, shorter message "you too -JS".

It took about 3 days for golfing buddies to compare notes, trace recent news stories, and local legends, and put the puzzle together.

The concerned parties were.... noticeably upset.

Day 40

The Jade Shade watched it all start to unfold on the local news, and smiled behind his mask.

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