Friday, January 25, 2013

What started me down the path of skepticism.

Before evolution, before the cracks started showing in religion, before even authority figures really started hassling me with their sophisticated bullshit.

It was this.

64 pages, practically a pamphlet.

Can't remember how old I was when I was gifted it, 5 or 6.

It's from 1967, so, it must have been from a lawn sale, or something.

Anyway, 3 pages into it, and all magic vanished in a puff of reality for me.
And, I was only really bummed for like, 3 seconds, then, it became interesting.

I've been picking apart how things tick ever since.

I've also consistently found, that most, if not all "mystery", in our daily lives, is just human concocted deception, and secrecy.
I've been trying to kick that down as much as possible, as well.

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