Friday, January 25, 2013

Freddy-verse lives!


The Freddy franchise may be dead as a dodo, what with Robert Englund kicked out of it, and the remake franchise a flop.

BUT, other films continue the story forward.
Cuz, remember, the Hatchets, and Leslie Vernon are in continuity with each other, the latter references Freddy, and they officially Bacon back to them.

Ditto Chucky.

So, here's the upcoming sequels set in that world.

Hatchet III

Picks up immediately after Hatchet II, just like II picked up right after I.

Presumably, it's going to be packed full of horror guest stars like the other two, and, set photos have been released, showing that Derek Mears, who played Jason in the the reboot will be a detective.

Before The Mask: 
The Return Of Leslie Vernon

See here (or, above) for part 1.

The main title implies a prequel, but the subtitle implies a sequel. happens after, but they find footage that flashes back?

Anyway, Robert Englund is totally coming back for this one.

Freddy in the continued Freddyverse.
Jason as a better Jason than Jason with reboot-Jason as a guest star in the Hatchetverse.
Good enough for me.

Also, Adam Green said in the commentary for Hatchet II, that Scott Glosserman was going to return the favor, and reference Victor Crowley in the sequel.
So, that'll double-dip the continuity link.

Curse Of Chucky

Not a reboot after all (see last entry).

"Seed Of Chucky", ended up with Chucky...parting ways from his family, so, this is just him going solo. next Halloween, I should have seen/collected these.
Stay tuned.

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