Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy 24th birthday, Harry Hembock!!

Almost a quarter century.
How the time flies!

Well, this was the big year!

Had that whole summer of Hembock thing.

One for the history books.

Yeah, remember on the 21st, when I said...

And thanks, Harry, for 21 years, 9 books, 2 websites, several friends, glue for my sanity, and a million laughs.

Well, there they are!
Well, boiled down from the 7 boiled down from the 9....
And you can order 'em here, or here.
Or, now you can check out Harry on Facebook here.

Also, this happened.

And, remember on the 22nd, when I said....

Been a long road, buddy.
Let's see what milestones and misadventures the 10's bring.

Well, again, there's some damned milestones!

And, remember the 23rd, where I just plain got lazy?

Well, no more of that, buddy.

Wow, 24, what was I doing at that age?
*Does the math*
Massaging my Phantom Menace butthurt.....
Yeah, yours was better, my friend.


Hyla Tracy II said...

Happy B-day from your fans at THATGALAXYNEXTDOOR, ya psychotic, maladjusted little super-weirdo!


Diacanu said...


Hyla Tracy II said...

`; '

Hmm . . . can't tell if is happy man with bowl on head . . . (turns other way) or terrified Roman Centurion . . .

Hyla Tracy II said...

Oh. Nope. Wait. It's Harry. I gets it.


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