Sunday, June 25, 2017

Internet culture wars update.

So, I said last time...

The anti-SJWs went too far, turned into honest to goodness genuine textbook Nazis, and got Trump elected, and now the clock is ticking towards doomsday.

I had to unsubscribe Thunderfoot, Sargon Of Akkad, Armored Skeptic, and Amazing Atheist/Drunken Peasants.
They suck now.
Their Hillary hate helped Trump, blood is on their hands forever, they're ruined.
There's no coming back.
They're villains now, hate them.

Well, here's updates on all that!

First, the big story/drama/incident/thingy.
  1. Some SJW went nuts, and killed a girl.
  2. Sargon of Akkad and some of his buddies did a live chat where they all laughed about the whole thing.
  3. Thunderfoot finally realized how sick and hypocritical these people are, and did a call out video about it.
  4. Sargon got all self-righteous and indignant, and said Thunderfoot edited his laughter in.
  5. Thunderfoot did a tedious meticulous video showing his editing software timeline for that video, and proved it was unaltered, thus proving Sargon is a fucking liar who's willing to hurl dramatic acting into his lies.
  6. The Sargon fans hate Thunderfoot anyway, because they're emotion driven sheep.
  7. Everyone in that circle is lining up behind Sargon, because he's got the whole charming cult leader thing going on.
  8. Thunderfoot is still ruined for me, he took too long to snap out of it, he's as guilty as Hell, a pox on both houses.

Short version, the implosion has begun.
They're eating their own.
This is exactly how Freethought Blogs fell apart.

This is what happens to these fucking movements, a toxic element gets in, causes a schism, the center cannot hold, collapse.

I hope this happens to the Trump administration.
Little cracks are starting to form.
Here's hoping.

Anyway, I stumbled onto this whole thing doing Youtube searches, clicking recommended videos, clicking recommended videos in those videos, and so on, and so on, and I found Mundane Matt talking about this whole thing, and I traced it back to the original Thunderfoot videos.
BTW, Mundane Matt's account of this is full of shit.
He's a Sargon zombie, and a piece of shit.

Sargon, if you don't know, is a pro-Brexit/pro-Trump dickhead who pretends to be liberal, and large swaths of his idiot fanbase eat this BS up.

I caught the subliminal stink in the air to all of this when the outrage was going around for GB:ATC.
That set my radar off.
When they drag Hollywood into it, and it's not something blatant, like "Ender's Game", or "Passion Of The Christ", then a Nazi book burning is afoot.
I've been here before with this shit.
That's actually how the Youtube search path started, was looking for stuff on the GB101 comics inspired by today's anniversary post.

As for the other culprits listed up top there...

TJ from Amazing Atheist/Drunken Peasants has doubled down hard on the whole "both parties are just as bad", bullshit, because he can't bring himself to admit he got his Bernie-bro fanbase to vote Trump to spite Hillary.
He's just gonna live in a fantasy land of denial for the rest of his pathetic days, and I don't need to watch that death spiral anymore.

And, I learned second hand from watching the Bible Reloaded guys (the only atheist Youtubers I watch anymore, because they always stayed apolitical) that Armored Skeptic and Logicked have backed off from the whole anti-feminist thing (allegedly out of boredom).

Too little too late there too.

I can't help it, I'm a grudge holder, to my mind, they're like the Germans that swore up and down they didn't know their neighbors were being cremated.
In both cases, I'm like "fuck you, you're not coming back into the fold, you're ruined".
A shame, Armored and his girlfriend seem like sweet people otherwise, but, nope.
No forgiveness.

Anyhoo, between guilty people quietly retreating from the cause from feigned boredom like Armored Skeptic, or people like Thunderfoot leaving in open disgust, and being shamed and smeared by the drones, the days are numbered for that little cult.

Sargon won't be excommunicated, his type never is, but he'll be the lone bitter PZ Myers type holding on to his small gaggle of brainless true believers until they Flavor-Aid themselves.

Glad its all come full circle, glad it's over, couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people.

Next up, I wanna see Steve Bannon go up in flames.
That needs to happen.
Desperately, for the good of mankind.
Here's hoping.


Diacanu said...

I know, this stuff has a small to non-existent audience, but this blog started as an atheism blog, so I like to update this shit as a continuing diary of why it's not anymore.

It's part of the history of this place.

B. D. said...

Haha, I was just watching that old clip from last November where even Glenn Beck was calling Steve Bannon dangerous.

Unfortunately, I just had to remind myself about Trump backing out of the Paris agreements....what a douche. So my happy thoughts died immediately.

Oh, as for those people....yep, same old same old on the Internet...frickin' Judean Popular People's Front!!!

...hey, our little tribe broke up too. In continuing a strange recurring theme with my old high school/college buddies, I can't find J-Worlders who aren't $Legion$ on Facebook. Searching "Jay Silverman" turns up too many people, searching "Curt Warner" in Iowa turns up nothing, "Mike Kereluk," you name it. "Josh Martin," too many results.'s the old J-Worlder site....

....heeeeere's the board....

Yep, right there at the top, my Top 25 SNES Games EVER post.

Cripes, I hope this sticks around forever.

But yeah, it all dates to June 1997--20 years ago.

B. D. said...

shit, I didn't remember to include that old flame war with that "Lord Dumas"/"Major General Sarge" guy.

Christ, when I was 14 that shit looked pretty profound.

Diacanu said...

Judean Popular People's Front indeed.
Short of finding out something crazy like they were all turned to vampires, or a UFO beamed them up and took them away, I'm not following that soap opera anymore.

Hey, is it cool if I use those links in my J-World retrospective?

B. D. said...

It's an Internet discussion group....the "active" ones are almost ALL dumb soap operas in one way or another, hell our old ones used to do that from time to time....who knows, maybe we've all just made the world a worse place. But I don't want to turn into one of those old hags who hates the Internet for every reason possible so I'll just keep it as an aside.

Oh hey, you don't have to ask ME if you can use those links!! I can't find the old at all, and I've even forgotten the URL for the one we used to chat on.

The DUMAS/Major General Sarge (they were two different guys actually) flame war is actually missing--I could have sworn a couple weeks' worth of it used to be there, I had to suck around on the Wayback Machine for awhile to find it as I didn't remember there actually used to be a Jason himself, granted I didn't even talk that much to the guy back then anyway but I definitely can't find him. Weird, he was an HTML designer. Maybe he disappeared with Web 1.0 or whatever.

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