Sunday, June 11, 2017

Oh, yeah, Star Trek update stuff.

Last time-
50th anniversary (which was sad and "blah")

Okay, so updating from there....

...we've got a poster.

We've got a trailer.

And from that, we've got a peek at the uniforms.

Next to the alien dude is Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays Michael Burnham, who while being a second in command is actually the lead character.

Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, Archer, Kirk-2, Burnham.
There's the updated list of series leads.

Gotta say, I miss the tradition of the TV Guide cover and article that introduces the crew for each new show, but they stopped printing paper magazines.
And I stopped using their website when I upgraded to digital cable.
Another thing the internet has killed.
Ah, well, I'll just make my own digital scrapbook like I did for "Ghostbusters: Answer The Call".

I like the new transporter and warp effects.
I've kind of learned to let go of the idea of a prequel having to have rigid conformity to the look of the old show.
I just imagine that the clunky old consoles of the old show are advanced 3-D screens with a retro holographic skin.

When last I posted here on the subject, Bryan Fuller was still showrunner, and he's since left to do "American Gods", and it's fucking incredible, so he made the right call there.

The release date for "Discovery", still can't make a fucking landing.
Even the poster just says "this fall".

Lotta rumors of behind the scenes drama, mostly to do with network heads being dickheads in the exact same way they were to the original Trek in the 60's.

We'll see how it all irons out.
I still think putting it on a proprietary internet service instead of the network is a stupid mistake.

I get that they want it to flagship this thing the way Voyager did for UPN, but how did UPN work out, fellas?

So, that's that.
I'll just toss this info into the 51st anniversary when we get there.
Maybe the show will have released by then.
I doubt it.


Diacanu said...

Nick Meyer is working on another secret Trek project.

Diacanu said...

They finally picked a date.
Sunday, September 24.

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