Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Big Summer Movies Part 3. (Part 4)

So, as I said last time....

Next time, Terminator Genisys.
Or, Vendetta (by the Soska Sisters).

Well, it's...

Vendetta (2015)

Quick Soskas recap...


I mean, it's directed well.
Their talents make it more watchable than if it were by a schlock-meister, but....their talents are still going to waste.

It's interesting to see Dean Cain play a badass, and the Soskas plugged this one as "Punisher goes to jail and fights the Kingpin", and it's interesting to imagine these characters as those guys, but...eh, I was still kinda bored.

A prison movie ought to have way more cursing and shanking.
Maybe "Human Centipde 3", spoiled me.
Now that's a fucking prison movie.

Well, same problem as "See No Evil 2", it's a studio pic, and they didn't write it, so it's not their vision.

Soskas dropped out of "XX", so it's up to "Painkiller Jane", the reboot to deliver the goods now.
Painkiller Jane is a female Punisher with Wolverine healing, and a slight touch of Harley Quinn crazy, so if its allowed to be R rated, they can work their magic.
They lobbied hard for the Deadpool movie, so maybe they can bring that sensibility to it.
If the suits allow 'em to.

Here's hoping.

Anyway, I didn't hate this, it's something if you're bored, and it pops up on basic cable, you could mindlessly watch, and kill a couple hours, and not regret too much.
Maybe snark at the screen.

But, if "The Avengers", is on FX, you're gonna pick that instead.
Just saying.

Lowest on my list so far.
Still better than "Lucy", and "Transcendence", though.

Next time, probably Jurassic World.
Then, Terminator Genisys.

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