Monday, June 15, 2015

Resolved: Punisher sequel!!

This is in the (constantly updated) all-purpose superhero thread, but I decided it needed a post.

So here, (and probably in earlier posts) I was begging the universe for a Punisher 3 (4 counting Dolph Lundgren).

And from that link, I said...

There's going to be the Daredevil series, and Punisher exists in the Daredevil-verse, so they could use that series to build Punisher up even more after his one-shot.

Well, guess what?

Jon Bernthal (Shane from "Walking Dead") is going to be The Punisher for Daredevil season 2.

Yeah, it's not Tom Jane, but Bernthal is awesome too, and 13 TV episodes is way meatier than one little ol' movie.

And Daredevil season 1 got pretty gory and sweary, so there'll be no holding back.

So, wish granted with compound interest.


2016 is going to kick so. Much. ASS.

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