Monday, June 29, 2015

Seven years of Shmegalamonga!!!!!!!

Okay, like last time, let's do updates...

The Harry books turned 3.

Jade Shade and Chokecherry turned 2 years old.

Eidolon turned 1.

Dr. Herbert turned 4.

I started season 2 of Quantum Dissolve.

I did calendar day 2.

I did the fourth and final (hopefully) En-Mike-lopedia.


Harry Hembock turned 26.

Krazyfool's Den Of Delusion turned 16.

The Krazyfool Show turned 15.

Harry Hembock: Dark Designs turned 6.

Spiderman joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

GPKs turned 30.

Robin Williams, Leonard Nimoy, Harve Bennett, and Christopher Lee all died. :-(

Gay marriage is legalized in all 50 stares, so the bigots finally lost a big one.
Shoulda done a separate post on that,, the whole internet went crazy, you couldn't miss it.

So, last year, I said I was gonna buckle down on Jade-Shade, but I only got 5 chapters of season 2 posted so far.
BUT my notes are fucking huge, the overall story structure is jotted down, so that year didn't go to waste.
Now I just gotta force myself to convert them into chapters.

Hopefully, I'll have a bunch of that whittled away next year.
We'll see.
Fingers crossed.

Up next, the logo for year 8.

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