Friday, June 19, 2015

Big Summer Movies Part 3. (Part 5)

So, we're balls-deep into summer now, and next up is...

Jurassic World (2015)

Franchise recap.

All right, so here we go...
  • Got my favorite seat yet again. :-D
  • I really dug it.
  • It delivered all the goods this series possibly can.
  • Best since the original.
  • In fact, this is the real sequel to part 1, delete 2 & 3 from your mind.
  • Pratt's a kickass action hero.
  • D'onfrio is a great slimebag.
  • Great action.
  • I don't see where else this series can go, but sequels are indeed planned.
  • Lots of direct nods to, and Easter eggs towards the first one.
  • This is everything you wanted Jurassic 2 to be as a kid.
  • I'd probably rank this 3 after "Fury Road", and "Ultron".
  • Gotta admit, I had no enthusiasm for this, but the box-office and buzz made me go, and I'm glad I went.

Um....everything else is spoiler territory.
Once it kicks in, it's all good parts.

So, if you haven't seen it, hurry up and do so, so you can join in on the spoiler discussions.

It did 500 million worldwide on its opening weekend, so everyone should have just about seen it already.
I wait a week or two later, cuz I'm creeped out by crowds.

As huge a flick as this is, my theater wasn't too packed.
Just about right.

I think all the kiddies were going to see "Inside Out", which early buzz says is the best Pixar film to date.
Meh, I'll still rent it.

Um...yep, that's it.

Next time, Terminator Genisys for sure this time.

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