Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Also, also, happy 1st anniversary, Harry's Finale!! (on Kindle!!)

Original release.

Order here, and here!
(Cut up in two, y'see)

Second to last recap!
Hmm, life, tech stuff, the lessons the books teach, the things Harry predicted, the artwork, influences, starting to run out of angles to cover this series from....

Well, talked a bit about it here, but I guess I can talk about the rebellion of the act of making these.

And, that goes all the way back to the "bummies", story.

Read that story again, and know that it didn't make me think "oh, I've got to fall in line!", it made me think "shit, 12 years of this? This is going to be a long fucking haul".
And, it was!!

"Bummies", was defiance, and my life and art since then has been a continuance of that moment of defiance.

Authority is to be defied.
These are horrible people that want to control your life for no other reason than to get their rocks off.
They are not your friends, and "for your own good", is a lie.
As is "for the greater good".
Well...it's all in the books, really.

I've done what I wanted, and what I wanted was Harry Hembock.
Harry books, Krazyfool's, Shmegalamonga.
That's my career.
And I'm just getting started.

And, on that note, thanks to everyone who bought copies of these books.

As I said in the original release of the print edition of book 4...

Stuff I got in big trouble for in school to get revenge on teachers. (PLEASE grant me my revenge!)

Well, you wonderful folks granted it. :)

I made money on something that awful people treated like a disgrace, a crime even.
Fuck the lot of those people.

Aren't you people sick of it too?
Aren't you sick of being told what to do?
Aren't you sick of high-ups telling you HOW to do what you love to do, and sucking the joy out of it?

Aren't ya?

Then, Harry's for you.

Also, I recommend the everliving shit out of self-publishing.

Have an idea that "isn't commercial"?
Good, go for it.
That's the shit the world needs.

The world doesn't need another G-rated CGI cartoon with anthropomorphized household objects.
We've got more than enough of those.

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