Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happy 1st anniversary, Harry Hembock Regurgitations (on Kindle!!)

Original release.

Order here!

Recap yet again again.
So, life, tech stuff, the lessons the books teach, the things Harry predicted, the artwork, what next?

Influence family tree!

Things since writing/drawing the books that have stricken me as similar....

"Super", definitely.
SO envious I didn't get to make that.
Well, at least someone did.

"The Nutt House", A.K.A "The Nutty Nutt".
A forgotten little comedy from 1992 with Traci Lords.
Very Hembockian.
Cheesey, but Hembockian.

Bits of "Anchorman", were pretty Hembockian.
Like the parking lot fight.
They stole that right out of my head.

Aw, fuck, that show IS Harry Hembock!
Everyone else is living my life but me!

Final episode is on tonight.

"Venture Bros".
Well, this torments me worse than "Superjail", because they outdo me.
But, I've been trying to up my game.
I didn't throw away my life on stupid cartoons just to be crushed by talented people.
Screw that nonsense.

Now, let's wind it backward to influences I absorbed.

"Mad", obviously.

And "Plop!".

And "Crazy".

And "Garbage Pail Kids".

Definitely a bunch of "Ralph Snart", in there...
I thanked Marc Hansen in the books.
Seemed like the right thing to do.

Robert Crumb for the page layout, and the filth.

Fred Hembeck for the name.
Yeah, I finally cop to it.
I needed an "H", name to go with Harry_____ Hurt Hero, ones like "Harris", just didn't have the punch I needed, I'd subliminally absorbed Hembeck, so I just changed a fucking letter.
Hmm, y'know, he also did stuff for "Plop!".
Maybe that's where I got it.
Yeah, probably.

Anyway, I think our styles are different enough.
Resemblance goes as far as guys with buggy eyes, but his stuff is kinda inside, and cutesie, and always involves Marvel guys.
My stuff is evil, with no syrupy sentiment at all.

Ah, well, Harry Potter came along, and ruined it for every other Harry, so if you think I deserve karma, there it is.
Yah small petty minded pricks.

A dash of "Evil Dead"...

...a sprinkle of Freddy...

...and here we are.

So, why continue on if others "beat me to it", as it were?
Well...because Harry is fucking mine.
It's my character, and my imagination world to explore.
A human being, a proper human being, needs that creativity life, or they're fucking dead

And fuck it, Star Wars is just Flash Gordon with a new coat of paint.
Hugo Danner.
Hugo Danner?

There's only 3 stories anyway.

It's all in how you put your unique twist on it.
And I'm pretty sure of, and happy with, how I've done that.
See the prior entries in this anniversary series for those details, if you haven't already.

And, see you next time.

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Diacanu said...

Oh, no way!

"The Nutt House", was written by Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, and Ivan Raimi under pseudonyms.

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