Saturday, September 21, 2013

The YEAR Of Hembock!

Another summer gone, let's look back.

So, it's the year anniversary of "The Summer Of Hembock", making it a whole year of me being a self-published author.

And a year of Harry being out there, exposed to the world.

So, how has it gone?
Nothing really new event wise.
My outlook is a bit different, a goal is accomplished, but my routine ticks along, and the work continues.

Oh, yeah, there was this...

This was also the trial run to work out all the little technical kinks for the next thing...

And that "next thing", is Jade-Shade.
Which is a pretty big deal, since it's the thing I want to build my future career around.
So, keep watching that.

I guess everything else I wanted to say about the books was already covered in the individual thingies, so, let's gather those up.
But with different chapter titles to make it easier to navigate.
And with some other milestones thrown in to round it out.

So, that's all the Harry stuff, now to recap the rest.

Shmegalamonga celebrated 5 years.

I turned 38.

I saw 8 fucking movies in the coolest movie summer in a long time.

I saw enough movies period to sprout an extra En-Mike-lopedia volume.

And finally...

We lost our cat, Digby, to a urinary tract blockage. :-(

Almost made it.
Aaaalmsot made it.
The past 7 years, we've had a fucking tragedy.
It's always something, and we almost made it through this time.

So, there's another one to remember for good and bad.
Let's see if the next one can be sadness free.
Here's hoping.

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Diacanu said...

Note to self, next year, just do the "year of Hembock", on the anniversary of the first book.

That'll be good enough.

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