Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Postcards from Podsville #30.

The shining habitrail on a hill.

Okay, so picking up from last time, I compared Podsville to a human habitrail.

And a lot of things make sense when you look at it that way.

Clearly our leadership class sees us this way, and treats us this way.

All you have to do to peek behind the curtain, is look back on how the Egyptians, and the Romans ran their shit.

Ain't hard to find, it's on History Channel constantly.

Yep, lotta things make sense.

Roads, cities, mini-malls, maxi-malls, road laws, road signs, police, jails...etc.

Patriotism, myth-cultism, advertising, schlock movies, mind-numbing television, creepy corporatism, and it's creepy management mentality all make perfect sense if you wanted human gerbils to run through a big habitrail.

And if we're a habitrail, and the leaders see themselves as protecting their little gerbils from the big bad rest of the world, then our horrible foreign policy makes sense.

So, that seems to be the terms, and a lot of Americans seem to have aligned themselves with it.

But, if we're a shining habitrail on a hill, there's a bunch of shit that doesn't make sense.

Foremost, allowing anything resembling the third world to seep into our little tube world.
Cancels out the whole deal.
It's like letting cats in.

And I laid out who some of the cats are.

Let's take it back to prisons.
Doesn't it make more sense, if the prisoners worked together?
For whatever, escape, revolt, whatever.
Not slit each other's throats.
Oh, but that's what happens.
And that's what goes on on "the outside", too.

Makes even less sense "on the outside".

It's as if the plan for some is to kill all the other prisoners, and the warden, and to become king of the jail, and then...it doesn't seem to be thought out much after that.

How the hell can you be king of a ghost town?
Does the instant of victory freeze in time, like the falling into of an event horizon?
By what, magic?
How does that work?

For one, it can't be done, for another, if it were pulled off it'd shoot you in the foot, and third, while the plan fails, and fails, and fails, you just make everyone around you miserable.

And that's it.

All these petty little power mongers, with their delusion of "control", and they just get old, and/or sick, and die anyway.

And all of it for what? The meeting if their petty base desires?
They could've done that anyway.
People in fucking ghettos manage it.

Nope, it was for a special feeling in their heads.
An illusion.

Well, wasn't that so fucking important?

Or, how about the people that want the misery and violence of the third world inside the habitrail?

That shit don't make any sense whatever.

Okay, we wall off from the misery outside, we herd the gerbils...and then we blow some up.

Y'know, for "ideals".

Yeah, right.

Or, maybe they want the gerbils to wake up, and break free.
Okay, noble enough.
Until you blow up some kids.
Then you're fucked, and fuck you.

And gang wars...well, that's just nakedly prisoners slitting throats again.

Slavery, and the Civil War are just absolutely fucking stupid from the habitrail perspective.

Slavery kind of makes sense...but only universal slavery like Rome, the race based shit is just pure fucking nonsense.

And the Civil War, beyond fucking ridiculous.
Oh, okay, so you want a smaller habitrail within the big habitrail to be able to smack your darker brown gerbils around that you claim to own with your imaginary money.

In the name of "freedom".


Yeah, see, all forms of predation don't work in a habitrail world.

Not only does it disintegrate "society", it self destructs the predator.
You end up with a "daybreakers", situation.

Now, what would make sense, again, is if these people picking away at the system were really trying to undermine the whole idea of the habitrail, and crack open the tunnels, and actually bring about, y'know, freedom.
A harsh freedom, like the caves in the Matrix, but still.
I mean, they sure like to vomit the word "liberty", out like a geyser.
Shouldn't that be the plan?

But...you don't see that.
They're not going about things in the way they'd really have to to accomplish such a goal.
In any detail.
Not just slight imperfections, totally off course.

That's why I can't get behind the tea party horseshit.
They just want some other stupid irrational bullshit.

And the militias, they're just more fucking predators.

Nope, if you're gonna have a habitrail, you can't have cats.
Simple as that.

And if we're gonna be a cat & mouse world, then take down the tubes, and let the gerbils out into the field for it to be sporting.

Course, then it'll be the third world, and we'll lose our fucking illusion of being "better", y'know, this "American exceptionalism", shit.

But you can't have it both ways.

Trying to has created absolute fucking ridiculous nonsense, and annoying irritation.

Let me know when you people make up your fucking minds.
Then a real fucking discourse can be had, instead of the dopey schizophrenic blubberings we have now.

Blub, blub, blub.

Yeah, y'know what'd be really fucking great?

If the people who preached the "liberty", shit really meant it.
If the people who preached the "team", shit really meant it.
If the people who spouted the "family", shit really meant it.
If the people spouting "values", actually fucking had some.
If the people spouting "concern", actually fucking had some.
If the people spouting "tradition", were referring to the ones worth a damn.

What an awesome fucking world that'd be.

We really would be shining.

Fucking glowing.

Why can't we?
What's holding us up?
Is it important?
is it really?

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