Saturday, May 8, 2010

Postcards from Podsville #29.9.

So, the Fountainhead was on yesterday....

Haven't seen it in awhile, couldn't help but notice, the mustache twirling villains out to ruin Howard Rourke with lying smear campaigns....sounded an awful lot like...Fox News.

And the guy demanding Rourke virtually literally get on his knees, and churn out mediocre uninspired creations...reminded me of the producers of daytime talk TV.

Wonder why stuff like that sails past Rush and Glenn...oh, right, they're idiots and liars...

So, yeah, illuminating stuff, even if I didn't agree with everything.

"300", was on the same night, gave it a chance, found it to be equally creepy propaganda around the edges....but, meh.
Take it as a fairy tale, and not real history, it ain't so bad.

Like I said, gave it/them a chance.
At least they both had stories to engage with.
I wouldn't give "the passion of the Christ", a chance, because...what's the story?
Jesus get's the shit beat out of him for 2 hours? Pass.
I pass on the Saw movies too for similar reasons.

Speaking of hideous almost-snuff, here's Ebert's review of "the human centipede".

I would gladly watch "the fountainhead", or "300", in a heartbeat over that one.
Wouldn't anyone?
Man, I hope so.


Paladin said...

The Fountainhead? I read the book years ago and saw it for the first time maybe a year or so back. Pretty good movie.

Roark's a hero because he stays true to his own vision when it seems like the entire world is trying to force him from it. That socialist twat Toohey cares nothing for individual achievement; because his ideal is a world without individuals.

Roark's speech at the end is right on: it is the men of vision who create progress, and those who benefit often vilify them for it.

Diacanu said...

Yeah, bits like that is stirring stuff, I start disagreeing when Ra
and spirals off into into the weird anti-compassion crap.

And it can't be mistaken, she put it all into practice, and she wasn't very nice to the people in her life.

Some good core ideas, taken too far.

In Fountainhead, it's not so bad.
The "I don't think of you, Toohey", scene is always good.

But, y'know.

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