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Postcards from Podsville #28.

Now, for our fourth "I", word.


Kind of a no-brainer, and it ties into the other three easily enough, but it constantly surprises me, how hard this can be to come by in "the land of the free".

I covered fairly well in this rant, on how many businesses and institutions are out to brainwash you.
Profit isn't enough for these fucking people, they want to have your brain in their collection too.

What's up with that?
Well, I've struggled with it for some years now, and I've gotten some leads.

My Wal-Mart manager told me that that "Wal-Mart cheer", shit was inspired by the Japanese.
They've even got corporate anthems.
Sam Walton took a trip over there, and saw that, and was impressed.

Ever since, I've been chilled by people being "impressed", by certain things.

Look, America ain't Japan, and vice-versa.

Different cultures.
They had centuries of feudal bullshit, and emperors, and y'know, all that, and it's been embedded into their psyches.
Not something you want to import over here unless you're some kind of cult-y little fascist.

And Japan has changed, even since just the 80's.
The Japanese are getting sick of that shit.
With the new generation, they've got their version of, and fair share of, misanthropic non-conformists like me.

Everyone gets sick of it.
Humans are humans.

I'm heartened by stories like that.
I love seeing these awful ideas fail, and the real human spirit bubble up from the muck.

Heck, you're even starting to see little cracks form in China.

But yeah, y'know, that awful brainwashing corporate mind.
That isn't even real capitalism.
Bears little to no resemblance to Adam Smith.

It's this foreign import, and these same fucking people will call this drone-factory bullshit "the American way".
Lying assholes.
Lying creepy assholes.

Y'know what impressed old Uncle Sammy Walton about the 70's/80's Japanese?

Oh, boy, it should always also chill your blood when some big-wig is "impressed", by fucking "efficiency".

All one has to call to mind, is the Orwellian term "efficiency expert", for company head-lopper.

I'll admit up front, I'm an okay employee, but one thing I ain't, is robotically efficient.

You can have it done really, really well, or really, really fast, but you are NOT going to get both out of me no matter how hard you scream.

Future employers, you can't handle that, then as one, reject me, and we can have done with the farce of these interviews.

But you know who's efficient?


Americans aren't made to be ants, look up the writings of the founders, and how your average slob from those times behaved, and lived, I mean really look at the real history, not filtered through some poisonous propaganda outlet.

Nah, this ant shit is relatively new on the scene.

Y'know who took to it like gangbusters?


Oh, yeah, old Lucky Lindy was "impressed", by German "efficiency".
"Stay outta politics, Lindy", was the laughing consensus.
If only we'd kept laughing.
If only someone had blasted Adolph in his ugly mug with a tomato or two.

Y'know what else was meant to be a model of efficiency?

The fast food industry.

Wonder if Ray Crock served time in Germany, and was impressed by the efficiency...

Well, we know he was pals with Walt Disney, and we know he was a Jew Hater, and idol to Hitler.

That's weird too, Disney made anti-Nazi propaganda reels.

Wonder how that all worked.
Well, it's a buck, ain't it?
And patriotic brownie points.

Hee hee, Simpsons zinged the son of a bitch way back with their "Itchy and Scratchy land", episode.
Something about the creator making "a controversial film entitled 'Nazi supermen are our superiors'".
This stuff is known, it's not out in tinfoil land.

Know who else Hitler liked?
Henry Ford.
Allegedly old Adolph had a picture of him up in his office.

Henry Ford, raging Jew-hater, published "the protocols of the elders of Zion", under the title "the international Jew".
Y'know, some light reading for Eric Cartman.

Ford, also big on efficiency.

The automobile assembly line was the model for Ray Crock's re-invention of McDonalds.

See a pattern forming?

Imperial Japan, Nazi ally...

It's all this same shit.

All this boot clomping robot hellhole dystopia.

But look at these countries now.
Germany is pretty well anti-Nazi, Japan has done a 180, you see the light-side taking hold more and more.

But...the fasc-oids don't give up.
They keep popping up like whack-a-mole.

And creepy.

It even goes farther back than Nazis, it goes back to the Prussian army, back to Spartans, and Huns, it's this creeping thing in human nature, this whole violent marching militaristic ant thing.

Not into it.

Never was, but, after my retail experiences, I developed a real sensitive allergy to it.

I want to pass that allergy on, maybe it can help.

Now, maybe, don't be so hair-trigger to quit at the drop of a hat as my "get out of there!", rant, but, keep that rant in your mind for the hair-trigger to smell the bullshit coming before it gets really bad, and have your escape plan ready.

Glenn Beck tries to get you afraid of words, and labels, fuck that, it's behaviors, and it's pretty naked, there's no "conspiracy".

Organizations are pretty clear by their behaviors whether they're anti-individual.

Amuses me how anti-individual the right can be, despite their assurances to the contrary.

You get it from both ends, but again, it's no conspiracy, I mean, sure, these cigar-sucking motherfuckers have their awful little gatherings, and secret handshakes, but to apply it to the real world, they have to play their hand, and they do, and have, and it's so fucking obvious.

Organized religion ain't big on individuality, we know that by now.

Oh, there's another case of a big-wig being "impressed".
Like, how Constantine dug how early Christians died in droves with a smug happy "I'm going to see Jesus!", grin on their faces, and thought "hmm, there's some team spirit, I could use me some of that!".

Yep, religion, not a big fan of free-thought.

The military, they frown on it there.
America's army, another Prussia connection.
Baron Von Steuben, imaginary royalty, seems fitting.

Para-military groups, they copy that shit.
Right down to the scouts.
Ick! *shiver*
They're owned by the Mormons, that's fitting.

I got shuffled off into that shit for 3 years.
Actually made a couple friends, it wasn't so bad.
When you weren't putting up with stupid crap.
Y'know, all the dopey ritual stuff, and meaningless structure, and the occasional but thankfully rare Jesus shit.

Another place I fucked off with Harry cartoons.
Thanks again, Harry.

I took it as a mark of shame for a long time, but now I take it as a mark of pride, that the whole time, I never made it past "new scout", the rank below "tenderfoot".

I look at those Eagle Scouts, and what creepy boot-lickers they were, and I wanted nooo part of that shit.

The experience added to the disillusionment of my work ethic too.

One time, we went on a bottle drive, and my group did fucking awesome.
Mountains of fucking cans.
Hundreds of fucking dollars.
It was exhausting, it was a long day, but I was pumped, I was having a ball, I was so fucking proud....

..and our troup didn't see a fucking dime.
No new equipment, no special trip, no nothing.

Troup leader's son got to go to Australia though.

*Sneer, hiss, grumble*

Yeeaaah you fuckin...mumble grumble...

That hit my insolence button a square bullseye.

Anyway, I finally bailed, and the two guys I liked were sad to see me go.

I always had people sad to see me go, now that I look back.
Geez, guess I was the only one stubbornly standing up, and psychologically sabotaging the machinations of these monsters by my very presence.

Clubs, schools, jobs, boards, it's been a pattern.
It'll no doubt happen again.
I dunno, do I gotta be Hercules?
I'd like everyone to find the magic in them, y'know?
That's part of why I write this shit.

Be yourself, and tell anyone who wants to reprogram you to fuck off.
They lay that line down as a kid, then the rotten stinko world seeks to undo it.

And the forces that are up to that business aren't your friends by any stretch of the imagination.

Not a fucking one.

Oh, and before my espousal of individualism gets twisted into something else, let me just say, being an individual, and wanting underlings, and cronies, don't mix.
Don't let anyone sell you on that shit.

Well, the ones sold on it didn't need selling.
They're already there cracking a whip somewhere.
Or, wearing a stupid hat.

Oh, yeah, hat-man was in the Hitler youth...

See, it's all this same cast of characters, every time.

They're blatant, and naked about it, their herded masses are blatant by their creepiness, and yet we keep going along with it.

"Land of the free"??
I dunno...
Doesn't seem it sometimes.
Doesn't seem it most times.

Seems like, well...Podsville.

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AllanW said...

Very satisfying to read, my friend. Keep the tangential links coming for people to follow-up at their leisure; keep the viewpoint personal and quirky. It really works.

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