Monday, May 3, 2010

Postcards from Podsville #29.

Okay, now, let's take those 4 I's and apply them to that ugly little 9/12 list.

The 9 snarks.

1. America is an idea. People who fuck with that idea, can fuck off, no matter what strata they occupy.

2. Appeals for superstitious supernaturalism as a test for patriotic purity fail out of the gate.

No religious test clause, motherfuckers.

3. Real honesty oftentimes ain't pretty, if you're hiding behind euphemisms, and euphemistic language, you ain't really striving too hard for honesty.
Likewise, if you're trying to hobble language with censorship.
You want honestly?
Shit or get off the pot.
Got no time for stupid bullshit.

4. The world can be a brutal ugly fucking place, and love, a precious dwindling commodity.
Only a savage self-centered swine would make the seeking of love harder than it already is.

Sometimes, the biological family is a toxic place (just watch fucking Dr. Phil), sometimes, people make their own definition of "family", sometimes "family", can simply be a group of friends.

Idiot euphemisms like "traditionalism", and spooky buzzwords like "sacred", don't help in that quest for happiness, if anything, they hinder it.
Fuck off with that shit.

5. As things currently stand, our system of "justice", is a heartless machine for protecting business criminals, and corrupt politicians from street criminals.
That's about it.
Sometimes, real justice occurs, but only by people of good conscience arm wrestling the system to within an inch of their fucking lives.
Meaningless slogans like "justice is blind, and no one is above it", aren't of any practical help.

If such slogans are all you have, take your dopey smirky ideology (see #6), and ram it up your fuckin' ass.

6. You're told you have "the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", but repulsive assholes will come along, and fuck with you in every way imaginable.
And the game is rigged in their favor (see #5).
"...there's no guarantee of outcome", is a quaint euphemism for this state of affairs, and nullifies "justice is blind".
Both of these cancel out, and all you've really got is "good luck!".
That's no help.
Help is help.
Help, or leave people the fuck alone.

7. Death and taxes, motherfucker.

8. Opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one, and they all stink.
How's that for a slogan, eh?

9. The government works for about 12 corporations, and a few other special interests.
You get the table scraps.
After they've been peed on.
If you want tastier cuts, fucking help out, or go away (see #6)

The 12 suggestions.










Leave me alone.

Go fuck yourself.


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