Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy Calendar Day!!

So, it's the anniversary of when I started the calendar, and as I said here...

January 11th will be the anniversary of when I started the calendar, and I'm going to do a big recap of that, and dissect down to a BARE minimum the holidays I bother to observe anymore.

Basically, it'll be the big three of winter, some Harry milestones, Shmegalamonga anniversary, and a few others.
Very bare-bones.

En-Mike-lopedia and Calendar have served their practical purpose anyway.
They sparked the ideas that puzzle-pieced into Jade-Shade.

Jade-Shade is born now, time to focus on him.

So, here we go.
Let's re-appraise this thing.


Okay, so, obviously, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years I'll still do.
And, what the hell, Black Friday, because I never tire of spitting on that.
And, Cyber Monday, cuz I got a pattern going with that.
And April Fools cuz I have an escalating running gag going with that.
Ditto Groundhog Day.
And Valentines.
And International Women's Day.
And 4th of July.
And 9/11.
And if I keep doing those, may as well toss in Easter.

....on second thought, fuck it, I have to trim somewhere, I have to kill my darlings, the big 4 winter ones, April Fools, and the 4th of July. That's it.

The four seasons I'll keep doing.

10th anniversary of Punisher is coming up, ought to do that one.
And the 20th for Ed Wood.
And the 30th for ANOES. 
And the 30th for Transformers.

Should probably keep doing Towel Day, because that started it all, really.

I'll keep doing Garbage Pail Kids until it's the 30th.

What else?
I was going to do a big long rant on why I'm not going to acknowledge all these petty little holidays anymore, but the rants for Darwin DayArbor Day, and the post-Halloween announcement nailed it pretty well.
Preeeetty fucking well.

Yeah, I'll keep doing Darwin Day.
And, Arbor Day out of spite.

Okay, now for personal ones.

Harry Hembock's birthday, Jade-Shade's 1st birthday the day after that, Krazyfool Show anniversaryKrazyfool's Den Of Delusion anniversary, Shmegalamonga anniversary, HHDD anniversary,  my birthday, Harry books anniversary, and NLHH anniversary.

Last, but definitely not least, TGND day.

So, here's the revised calendar for 2014.


  • Harry's 25th birthday. (13th)
  • Jade-Shade's 1st birthday. (14th)
  • Krazyfool Show 14th anniversary. (29th)


  • Darwin Day. (12th)


  • Spring (20th)


  • April Fools. (1st)
  • Krazyfool's Den Of Delusion 15th anniversary. (2nd)
  • Punisher 10th anniversary. (16th)
  • Arbor Day (25th)


  • Star Wars day (4th)
  • Towel Day. (25th)


  • GPK 29th anniversary. (1st)
  • Summer (21st)
  • Harry books second anniversary (21st)
  • Batman (Tim Burton's) 25th anniversary. (23rd)
  • Chokecherry's 1st birthday. (28th)
  • Shmegalamonga year 6 (29th)


  • 4th of July/Higgs day. (4th)
  • Dark Designs 6th anniversary. (10th)
  • My birthday (30th)


  • Transformers The Movie 28th anniversary. (8th)


  • Transformers the series 30th anniversary. (17th)
  • George Carlin: Back In Town 18th anniversary. (17th)
  • Fall (23rd)
  • That Galaxy Next Door 3rd anniversary. (28th)
  • Ed Wood 20th anniversary. (30th)
  • Start of Halloween marathon. (30th)


  • Nobody Loves Harry Hembock 9th anniversary. (2nd)
  • Halloween. (31st)


  • A Nightmare On Elm Street 30th anniversary. (9th)
  • Thanksgiving. (27th)


  • Winter (21st)
  • Christmas (25th)

January 2015

  • New Years. (1st)
  • Calendar Day. (11th)

And, there, all done.
If nothing else, keeping the 2012-2013 calendar gave me something to do.
And, now I have the memory of that.
But, as said here, it also served a practical purpose.

And....that's the end!
See you next year.

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