Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy 25th birthday, Harry Hembock!!!!

Like the picture says, 25 goddamned years.
A quarter century.
Half a Dr. Who.
Ho-ly shit.

The Harry and the title are new, the rest are collage-ed in there from past material.
It's a clip-show and a collage in one.
If you have the books handy, and/or memorized (like I do) you'll recognize 98% of those characters.

The 2% you won't know, are from my personal sketches, and are from my Hembock pre-history, and/or ones I had all raring to go, but never used, but should have.

So, it's a stew.

Now, the formalities....

Previous birthdays.

Harry stuff that happened after the 24th.

Yeah, the "Year of Hembock", retrospectives said pretty much everything I wanted to say this year.
They were tinged with grouchiness around the edges, but it was all meant to love and excitement, and was from the heart.

Hmm, 25, when I was 25, it was 2000, and I was naively thinking we were going to get the I-Pad future we have right now, not knowing we had all that 9/11 & George Bush bullshit to slog through.

Well, even in the I-Pad future, we've still got reality shows, and fuggin' found footage ghost movies.
It's always something.

But, that "something", is why there's a Harry.
Superheroes and comedy both take something bad, and make it into something good.

So, here's to the next 25 years of lemons into lemonade.

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Paladin said...

A quarter of a goddamn century!

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