Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy 1st birthday, Jade Shade!

A year ago today, it all started.
The first chapter, the Facebook page, and the opening announcement.

Just four months later, had enough stuff for the page to be up.
Now, it's pretty full looking.
And I'm nowhere close to this thing being done.

Well, 21 chapters is pretty good, but I wanted way more to be done.
It's amazing I got done what I did with all the other damned projects vying for my attention.

But, hopefully, this year will go better, since I've trimmed away a lot of the other junk I was doing.
(See here, and here)

So, describing the events so far would just end up being a rehash of the chapters themselves, and the submitted art, so, I'll just link to the page.

Jade-Shade page.

And thanks tons to Hyla and Paladin for that art.
You're both brilliant artists, and it's not only been great stuff to gawk at, but its helped in the making of further chapters.

When I'm done, or maybe even halfway through, maybe I'll have enough for a character mural like Harry's 25th.
Here's hoping.

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