Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bargain Bin Bounty Too!

Another Wal-Mart trip, another bunch of 5 dollar treasures.


Okay, I've re-re-reassessed it, and I like it.
And, for 5 bucks, what the hell.

I said here it's "nasty", compared to "Super", and...that's not fair.
I hadn't seen it since 2011, and my memory got colored over time.

"Super", has more heart, and drama, but it's unfair to compare the two, they really do different things, despite superficial similarities.
Anyone who says they're trying to be the same thing is just fucking wrong (I'm looking at you, Red Letter Media).

I will be looking forward to the sequel.

Bill & Ted 2 disc double feature.

See here and here.

American classics. ;-)

I keep hearing rumors of a third one.
Believe it when I see it, fellas.

Conan: The Complete Quest

Both original Conan flicks.
See here.

Arnold is coming back at last to do the whole "King Conan", thing.
Well, we'll just have to see if that's any good, or is just another "Crystal Skull".
My gut tells me not to be optimistic.
These are still great though.
Especially Barbarian.

The Puppetmaster Collection

See here.

The first 9, minus 10, and the Demonic Toys crossover.

Yes, I gave in, and did it.

And, I've seen them all now. (Except 10)
I think the only ones that were really new to me, were "Legacy", and "Axis Of Evil".
8 and 9 respectively.

*Eye rub*....*groan*.

Many is the time in this marathon I fell the fuck asleep.

There are SEEDS of good movies buried in here, a neat overall idea, Blade, Tunneler, and Pinhead are great characters that deserve better, a kill scene here and there might be inspired, a guest character might be fun to watch, and then....there's long stretches of sleep inducing filler, the script stops trying, and you keep thinking that once they build up enough continuity and backstory with the sequels, it'll kill the need for filler, but...dammit, they keep being dull.

And I keep frustratingly seeing how with just a teensy modification here and there, I could make a GOOD fucking Puppetmaster movie!
The shitty budgets are no excuse.
Fuckin' indie kids with no studio at all keep turning in great fucking horror movies.
Chuckie Band has a studio, and he has decades of experience, he should have learned something.
There's no learning curve going on here.

I will give Full Moon this, they make better stuff than SyFy channel.

And, these are a good companion to the "Gingerdead Man", duology.
They help you get the parodies better.

But, overall, ugh! Ooof!
I don't hate these flicks, I got entertainment out of them, but they frustrate the hell out me, they could do so much better, and it wouldn't even take money.
Well, for 5 bucks, they average out to about 50 cents a pop, so, I can't cry too hard.

Movie Weekend: Rocky I-IV

The first 4 Rockys.
See here.

5 is not missed.


See here.

My heart almost broke to see this in the discount bin, but, fact is, DVD is just dying.
Well, I get to reap the benefits.

Anyway, just got done with the bonuses on this just before posting this.
Good stuff.
One of the all time great American films.

A welcome antidote to the Puppetmaster marathon, that's for sure.

And, that's those.
Up next for my collection (hopefully), Toxie 1 and 4, Dredd, and....other stuff.

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