Monday, March 11, 2013

More Star Trek season 5.

Aw, crap.
Forgot some stuff.
I was tired, and not thinking straight.
All the FOX cartoons were new episodes, that took me 'til 10, then, "The Walking Dead", doesn't rerun back around 'til midnight, then because of stupid "Freak Show", and "Comic Book Men",  "Talking Dead", didn't rerun back around until 2 am, so, I was working on the last one in between those gaps, but I was still correcting errors and stuff until 3 am, and then I was really frazzled.

Stupid Sunday, cramming all its good shit into a bottleneck.
*Mumble grumble*


Last one, I included "Generations", and if I let that in, I really gotta include...

"Sarek", "Unification", and "Relics".
And, if I throw them in, then McCoy in "Encounter At Farpoint", counts.
Even though his scene is the only good part.

Then, I gotta toss in...


Even though, the only good thing about it was Takei, and there wasn't nearly enough of him.

And, if I let those 4 in, then I really must include....


Because that reunites Spock, Mcoy, and Scotty, so it's a sequel to "Sarek/Unification/Relics".

Takes place before "Generations", and definitely a prequel to "The Return".

Spock is in trouble across the Neutral Zone, Scotty hijacks the Constitution Class ship mentioned by Picard in "Relics", which happens to be The Yorktown with The Enterprise's old bridge module, so *wink, wink* it's the Enterprise.
Picard pursues him with McCoy happening to be on board, and long story short, all three codgers meet.

And, while I'm letting in all those TOS old-ager crossovers,

"Catalyst Of Sorrows".

Which has young Sisko meeting an old Uhura.

And, that completes the Margaret Wander Bonanno canon.

Jesus, I still haven't read this, I feel awful....

Going back to "Generations", another prequel is...

"The Ashes Of Eden".

Which was a fleshing out of Shatner's unused idea for Star Trek 7, and fits in after "The Undiscovered Country", but before "Federation", and "Generations", and is definitely intended as a prequel to "The Return".

Would the movie of this have redeemed Shatner after "The Final Frontier"?
If it lived up to the book, yes.
Probably wouldn't have though.
Probably would have been somewhere smack dab between "Final Frontier", and "Undiscovered Country".
Which while an improvement, and watchable, wouldn't have been enough to stave off the knives of the critics.
But, in novel form, it's worthy.
Right up there with "Undiscovered Country".

Okay, going back to Bonanno-verse, she ties "Dwellers In The Crucible", in to....

The Rihannsu quintology.
"My Enemy, My Ally", "The Romulan Way", "Sword Hunt", "Honor blade", and "The Empty Chair".

Well, "Dwellers", references "My Enemy, My Ally", but then it exploded forth into the quintolgy.

I do not own these.

"Dwellers", also references...

"The Final Reflection".

I also don't own this.
I'm a terrible person, and should be shot.

But there, I think that's got it this time.

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