Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Latest acquisitions.

So, got these....

God Bless America (2011)

See here, and here.

2011? Damn!
Took awhile to get cheap on Amazon, what can I say?
Anyway, one of my new favorites.
Knew it would be.

Now, whenever I hear that stupid phrase, or the stupid awful song, I can think of this movie, and smile.
Thank you, Bobcat!

So, basic plot, a guy hears he has a fatal brain tumor, he loses his job, his ex-wife is a cow, and his daughter is a spoiled monster poisoned by reality TV. 
So, he decides to go out in a blaze of glory, and start killing people.
A misfit teen girl witnesses his first murder, digs it, and becomes his sidekick.
They go after reality TV, FoxNews, American Idol, everything that sucks.
*Wipes a tear* it's beautiful.
And, it has a deeper message, but I won't spoil it.

Now, I gotta collect all the other Bobcat Goldthwait flicks....
Turns out he made more than "Shakes The Clown", and this.

There's "Sleeping Dogs", a rom-com where a girl fucks a dog (or does she?).
Then there's "World's Greatest Dad", with Robin Williams, where his son dies of auto-erotic asphyxia.

I think I've found me another hero!

Some Guy Who Kills People (2011)

Okay, so, way back when I did my monster-sized superhero reviews, this was in my image folder.
It aaaaalmost went in.

It was sooooo close.
I stared at the graphic on and off for half an hour, and it missed going in by >< this much.

It would have gone in with "Super", and "Defendor", and "Kick-Ass".

I think I ultimately decided that despite having comic book elements, it was really a horror comedy.
Then...I was going to do horror comedies later on, and I completely forgot to dig this one back up.
I just assumed I'd remember it.
Then, my dumb ass didn't.
Total amnesia.
It was gone.

But anyway, little did I know how violent "Super", and "Kick-Ass", were going to be, and I already had fucking "Toxic Avenger", in the mix, so, it really should have gone in, and I kick myself, and when I was agonizing over the poster graphic, then hit "delete", I knew I would.
Idiot! Dummyyyy!!!

So, 2 years later now, I go to buy "God Bless America", and this was in the "people who bought this also got", thing, and the title jumped out at me, and I thought it was new, and I read the good reviews, and watched the trailer, and got all excited, and bookmarked it, and shared the trailer on Facebook,...and then I got the poster, the alternate poster to the one above, that's the DVD art there, I'll post the poster later (you'll see why), and...all the memories came flooding back, and I smacked my forehead.
It was the fucking graphic I'd deleted.
Even then, I was like "duhr, why does that look so familiar?".
*Head shake*

Okay, so, now all that's remedied, I've got the flick, and I'm doing the review.
So, the film.
34 year old guy, lives with his mom, works at an ice cream parlor, draws comics, and then his high school bullies start turning up dead.
Um, yeah, you can probably guess why this resonated for me.

And y'know, aside from the decapitations, it actually turns out to be a comedy/drama.
It has touching moments, and a happy ending.
I'd recommend it to people who don't even like horror movies.
You could show this to your wife and/or grandma.

It's got a great cast too.
Barry Bostwick (Megaforce, Rocky Horror) , Karen Black (Burnt Offerings), Lucy Davis (Shaun Of The Dead), and Britain Spellings (Behind The Mask).

I really dug this flick.
Not as good as "Super", but still pretty good.
Eh, somewhere between "Super", and "Defendor".
It should have gone into that foodgroup.

Anyhoo, that's those.

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