Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The worst of the worst (revisited).

All right, here's the original one to refresh yourself.


Well, I've finally seen the only two on that list I hadn't.
So, here we go.

Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

Long stretches of boring until the very end, and then the cannibal scenes are very obviously faked.

The animal deaths were real, and those bummed me out, cuz, I like animals, and don't give a fuck about people.

Also, the filmmaker characters are assholes, and you're glad they're dead.
But, so is everyone else in the film (glad, that is).
Nope, didn't care for this one.
I'd put it in the same neighborhood as "Faces Of Death".

A Serbian Film (2010)


Okay, I guess content wise, this is "the sickest film of all time", but...only because everyone else is such fucking pussies that hold back.

I imagined shit like this for my cartoons fer chrissake, it's not like this stuff was never done.
Just someone finally got the balls to put it all in one flick at once, and film it.

The people that made this really didn't give a shit.
I can respect that.

Yeah, it gave me the willies.
I won't lie.
The gore I'm dead to, this one fucks with you morally.
That's why the inured Fango fans I spoke of last time are freaked out by it, it gets under your skin a little.
It stays with you for awhile.

But, I just look at it as a Greek tragedy.
Humans have been telling these stories for centuries, just western culture got all soft, and got out of the habit.

Would I recommend it?
If you're an endurance tester like me, yeah, go for it.
If you're a normal person, no, give it a miss.
It'll bum you the fuck out.

Comparing it to other films...gore and filth wise...it's about even with "Human Centipede 2", actually.
Except HC2 has dark humor, and ASF is just fuckin' depressing.

The photography in this thing is beeaaauuutiful though.
There are scenes with long bits of talking on a deck of a fancy restaurant at sunset that are just mouth watering. If you've ever taken a single photo with even a cheapo camera, you can appreciate how hard that must have been to get.
So, these folks know what they're doing, and they shelled out for good equipment, it's not a cheesey fleabag project.
The artsy-fartsy crowd might dig this.

I'm glad I saw it the once, but I wouldn't add it to my collection, no.

I anxiously await Tom Six topping this one with "Human Centipede 3".
I think he can do it.
I believe in him.

Anyhoo, nothing from my long-form rants from last time changes at all.
Nothing changes my mind on that.
So, that's it, that's all of 'em.
I'm invincible.
Nothing left, but to make my own filth, I guess...

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Diacanu said...

Okay, I've had ample time to think over "A Serbian Film", and...it's not the violence or sexual deviance that are troubling, it's the creepy feeling that you never know the boundaries of the conspiracy.

It's kinda like "The Game", where the whole world is in on it.

The queasy paranoia.

That's what this flick is about.
But, there are better flicks out there for that kind of story.

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