Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Even More Star Trek season 5.

That's the memory that was trying to come back yesterday, but wouldn't.
Stupid brain....


Crossovers don't just count with heroes.
The first big link back to a show episode was with KHAN for crying out loud.

Okay, here's those....

"Blood Oath", "The Sword Of Kahless", and "Once More Unto The Breach".

Or, the Kor trilogy as I like to call it.

Hey, Paramount, you had some room left, why no "Blood Oath", or "Once More Unto The Breach", in "Fan Collective: Klingon"?
I mean, come on "Barge Of The Dead"??


Links Q with Trelane.

I don't know why they just didn't do this episode.
William Campbell came back for "Blood Oath", so they could've gotten him.

Anyway, this book is pretty good, but, I hated the ending.
Specifically, they have Jack Crusher come back, and become a psychopath.
And, it's treated like a gag.
Just randomly tossed out there as a punchline to something else.

And...I'm not even gonna bother with "there, that's got it", or "I think that's it", for an ending line.
Cuz, I'll just think of something else.
How about "all for now"?
Yeah, that'll do 'er.

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