Sunday, December 4, 2016

Big Winter Movies Part 2. (Part 2.5).

Ahhhh, fiiiiinally, got to see this again!
Tomorrow will be a straight month since I saw it the first time.

Bad shit going down.
We're going through the sequel to the year of Hell.
Already spoiled Thanksgiving.
What a lovely time for it too, winter's supposed to be worse than last year, and the Trump-inator happened.
This is just the cherry on top we needed.
Please, beat us down more, universe.
I REALLY needed the escapism cinema provides.


Doctor Strange (2016)

Rundown time!
Let's get right to it!
  • Nothing to add to the movie I didn't observe last time.
  • Except...I enjoyed it a lot more. Was able to pick up on more subtleties and details.
  • Got my favorite seat. Only cuz I got there super-duper early.
  • Theater was relatively empty.
  • A small family, and two twenty-something bearded geeks rolled in after the lights dimmed.
  • Always happens, always get through the Coke and Navy commercials, lights dim, you think "ahhhhh, I've got the place to myself!!", And then the dopes roll in with their mountain of snacks, so you know the snack purchases delayed them. 
  • They were quiet though. Relief. Blessed relief.
  • It was subtitled. I was annoyed at the ticket counter, but I had no other options for showtimes. Turned out the subtitles helped in spots. 
  • All the little pieces I missed last time cuz of the three year old brats I got back now. The subtitles even helped there. When a character mumbles, titles make it clear. 
  • The two dudes took off before the first post-credits, and the family took off before the second. Byyyeee!
  • Traffic was annoying, got stuck behind an asshole, but lost him.

Ahhhhh, theeeere!
The antidote viewing!
Got it in just before it left theaters.

Next time, Rogue One!!!!!!!!!!!

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B. D. said...

Look what's back for the year of hell sequel!!!!!!!!!!!

Cripes, that thing pre-dates Jason-World...

Star Trek 6 is just okay. Better directed than the last three at any rate. The signatures at the end were touching enough. More Christopher Plummer would've been nice. It didn't have anything stupid in it.

The dopes at the theater would have to be dopes indeed to buy movie snacks!!! It's what, $4.99 now for a large sodey?

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