Thursday, December 29, 2016

THE END (By Paladin).

Inspired by chapter 30.


B. Dee said...

I watched the 1980 Oingo Boingo-related film "Forbidden Zone" starring Herve Villachaize among others (it was also cowritten by Matthew Bright, the guy who went on to be responsible for "Freeway," my favorite piece of '90s trash).

What's in it? If you know anything about it, you can probably guess: Freaky people acting like freaky carnival freaks, freaky costumes, freaky ways of talking, adults talking and acting like little kids, cartoony racial stereotypes, dry humping, silly stupid songs, more dry humping, Herve Villachaize, tits, kooky animation, more tits, screaming, kooky sets, and an unrecognizable androgynous Danny Elfman turning up as Satan (his brother Richard directed the movie.)

Pros: You get to hear a cool Oingo Boingo song at the beginning and end, some of the sets are pretty nice, and it's mercifully over with in 73 minutes. Oh, and a guy named "Ugh-Fudge Bwana" is in it, that's a cool name isn't it?

I'm not recommending it. Unless you really, REALLY want to see an R-rated "adult" episode of "Pee-Wee's Playhouse" or a really really early underground proto-Tim Burton movie.

You've probably already seen it haven't you? Nothing in it is surprising at all.

Diacanu said...


"Oopppeeeen yooouurr miiind, Quaaaaiid!".

Diacanu said...

Saw "Forbidden Zone", yesterday at last.
Really dug it.
Fun stuff.
Wish I'd seen it in the 80's.

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