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QD:Season 2, Chapter 24. (Harry Hembock meets Quantum Dissolve)

Planet Eidolon
Three Million AD.
The "Quantum Dissolve", universe.

Harry clumsily poked around in the control pad interface for a few minutes, and felt like he was starting to make some headway.

Just then, a blue laser shot out of the screen, and swept over him in two passes.
One right to left, one top to bottom.

The device acquired his quantum dimensional signature, and fired up a cross-temporal link.

A blue wave of fine sand-sized sparkles passed over Harry, and his duplicates from "Quantum Dissolve", "Dark Designs", and "Harry Hembock Classics", materialized in the same spot, and fused with him.
He absorbed their memories as smoothly as if they were things he always knew, and just now remembered.

...but those weren't the only Harry incarnations in the fusion.

The Sweetserverse.

Once upon a time, there were a bunch of guys shooting each other with big guns.
One guy, with a sawed off double barrel 12 gauge shotgun, was Harry Hembock.
He dematerialized, and fused.


Harry Hembock threw his latest gadget on the ground a yard away from Lord Prizmus.
He dematerialized and fused before he could see the results.

The NaNoWriMo-verse.

Harry Hembock looked at what he’d just written, and shook his head in despair.

“Ugh, this is a book I’d like to read, but not one I wanna write. Christ, and I’ve lost Monday, so I gotta squeeze out twice the output today. Christ, this is depressing. I’ve got to go eat”.

Harry pushed back his chair, and headed to the kitchen.
Then de-materialized, and fused.

"When Worlds Collide" verse.

Harry stood, grinning like an idiot, next to Cap'N Kabang.
Then, de-materialized, and fused.

25th anniversary-verse.

Harry stood among a crowd of old friends and foes for a big birthday shindig, grinning like an idiot.
Then, de-materialized, and fused.

Zone Dweebies-verse.

Harry Hembock tuned his Neutrino-Net network intergalactic range car stereo to channel 59,000.
Then, de-materialized, and fused.

Planet Eidolon
Three Million AD.
The "Quantum Dissolve", universe.

Harry absorbed all his duplicates.
With their experiences, he was suddenly able to crack the control pad, and punched up a new combination.

The sparkles swept over him again, and took him away.

But not directly to chapter 22.
First, he took some side trips...

The "Quantum Dissolve", universe.

Harry met up with 49 year old Eidolon, won her trust, and asked her how the original QD future played out.
What she described, was a plodding dull saga of un-powered street level superheroes led by JS growing into a nationwide movement, changing government policy, becoming legal law enforcement officers, and bringing about a drab grey sorta-utopia over a very, very long time, and hindered by many, many assholes and the inevitable setbacks from said assholes.

"Yeah, fuck that, I'm gonna meddle", Harry said, and de-materialized further into the past.

Real world.

Six year old Mike Meggison drew a pinky-tip sized oval with a cranberry colored crayon.
Then, he drew dot eyes, and a smile. Then, stick arms and legs.
He called his creation "Jellybean Man".
The Hembock-iverse was born.

Harry witnessed this via the scanner of his computer pad from several yards away hidden in the woods.
"Too soon", he said, and de-materialized.

Real world.

Ten year old Mike Meggison in a break period in his 5th grade class drew a glob of green slime with red snake eyes, and a mouthful of shark-like fangs.
He called it "Glob".
The Hembock-iverse was almost there.

Again, Harry witnessed this from a distance via scanner out in the school parking lot.
"Still too soon", he said, and de-materialized.

Real world.

Thirteen year old Mike Meggison wrote the line "once upon a time, there were a bunch of guys shooting each other with big guns".
Hembock-iverse had finally become itself.

Harry poked his head into the classroom, and said "keep it up kid, you're onto something!".
Then, he ducked away, walked around a corner, and de-materialized.

October 20th.
Real world.

Mike Meggison stood in the grocery store staring at a green Halloween mask.
"You're on the right track, kid!", a familiar voice said behind him.

He turned and looked, but the mysterious person had already disappeared.

October 20th.
The "Quantum Dissolve", universe.

Mike Meggison stood in the grocery store staring at a green Halloween mask.
"You're on the right track, kid!", a familiar voice said behind him.

He turned and looked, but the mysterious person had already disappeared.
He shrugged, and walked away.

Just then, Dusty Irwin walked up to the display, and saw the same mask.
He stopped dead in his tracks.
The mask hypnotically grabbed his attention.
A legend was born.

January 14th
The "Quantum Dissolve", universe.

Season 1: Origins.
Chapter 0: Prelude.

Harry was at the local radio studio, and sat opposite Alex "Round-Dog", Ripington who was ranting away about the 9th anniversary of the time a disgruntled sports reporter tried to kill him with a car bomb.
He patiently waited for his turn to talk.

Steve Ellicott sat in his car in rush hour traffic.
He turned the radio off.

Outside his car window was an apartment building.
Inside that apartment building, Dusty Irwin awoke from a memory nightmare.
"Fuckin memories...fuckin life", he mumbled.

Chapter One. (Jaded, and shaded)

Dusty looked at the writhing teenager, and told him "tell your friends".

When masked, he figured he'd better keep it short and sweet.
No Shakespeare shit.
No rants.

He'd written "Jade Shade", in spraypaint on the punk's back.
A pity the paint wasn't green.
Black and red, it was always black and red these kids stole.
Sometimes blue.
He went with black.

Not a glamorous beginning, but it would have to do.
Dusty tried not to be depressed.

Harry watched from behind the dumpster, and with his scanner.

Chapter Two. (Taking it up a notch)

Harry still tailed after JS/Dusty.

Chapter Three. (The mask)

Dusty flashed back to when he saw the original mask that inspired his first one.
Harry entered the same flashback in his mind, and saw himself again inspire Mike just before Dusty showed up again.
This probably wouldn't be the first time things got meta.

Chapter Four. (The man behind the mask)

Dusty flashed back to his whole life story.
Harry had already been to all those years.
The important ones, anyway.

Chapter Five. (Jade Shade vs Desmodus-Guy)

JS took out Desmodus-Guy, and solidified his reputation.

Harry still observed from a distance.

Chapter Six. (Jade Shade vs Peerless-Person)

JS took out Peerless-Person, and further solidified his reputation.

Harry still observed from a distance.

Chapter Seven. (Jade Shade vs Phidippus-Dude)

Harry watched in the distance still, this time from an adjoining rooftop, as JS had a dull conversation with Phidey.

This time, he snapped a photo of unmasked Phidey.

Meddling time had begun.

Chapter Seven Point Five. (The Mask, Mark 2)

Dusty opened the package left outside his apartment.
It was a mask.
A green metallic mask.
A streamlined hybrid of the one he saw at the grocery store back in 2011, and his current one.
Accompanying it was a note, saying simply "from a fan".

The hair stood up on the back of his neck.
Someone knew who he was.
And was sending suspicious gifts.

Under that note was another note on red paper.

"This weird gift and note are from Dr. Logan W. Herbert.
Dunno what game he's playing, or why, but I'm cutting through the bullshit.
-Harry Hembock. P.S., the mask is safe. I scanned it".

The meddling had officially started.

Chapter Eight. (Jade Shade vs The Prodigious Mass)

Harry went back in time, and prevented Prodigious Mass from mutating himself and his victims.
"Screw that horror movie shit. It added nothing", he grumbled.

The meddling was in full swing now.

Chapter Eight Point Five. (Dusty on the road)

Without the events of chapter eight, there was no need to go wandering the road, and this one poofed away.
But JS/Dusty wrote his rant in his journal anyway.
Rich people were still assholes after all.

Chapter Nine. (Jade Shade vs The Ultranational)

Without JS taking his wandering sabbatical from Lentilville, Harry beamed to Sectorville, and took out Ultranational himself.

And virtually the same way.
Except he stunned him with an energy blast from his watch, instead of a dart.

Chapter Ten. (Jade Shade vs Comrade Crimson Crossbow)

Ditto Crimson Crossbow.

Chapter Eleven. (Jade Shade meets Combatant)

Dusty opened another strange package with another note.
Again, a second note from Harry.
"Yeah, it's that weirdo Dr. Herbert again. Don't worry, he's harmless".

Chapter Twelve. (Home again, home again...)

Harry took care of the Mayor himself.

He used the little black brain scanner drive, and just reprogrammed the bastard.
"Yeah, enough of you, pal", he said calmly, while watching progress bars load.
JS/Dusty was never bothered by him again.

Chapter Thirteen. (Jade Shade vs Mark Augustine: Hadesburster)

Harry beamed Hadesburster directly to the loony bin.
"Again, this shit contributed nothing", he muttered.

Chapter Fourteen. (Jade Shade vs Mr. Sleepy Seeds)

Ditto Mr. Sleepy Seeds.

Chapter Fifteen. (Jade Shade meets Chokecherry)

Harry stayed completely out of the way for this one.

Chapter 16-17


Chapter 18. (Streetsweepers vs. Transposers).

Harry dissembled the Transposer with the teleport tuned for a peice at a time, then left a note, basically telling them what the parts were good for.

Chapter 19. (Streetsweepers vs. Tomahawk-Fuzz).

Harry time froze and tied up Tomahawk Fuzz and his puppet-master, un-froze them, and left more notes.

Chapter 20. (Streetsweepers vs. Funster).

Harry reprogrammed Funster's madness away, saved his victims, and went back, and saved JS accidental lethality victims.

"Like The Prodigious Mass, that added nothing either".

Well, except JS learning that Chokie/Irma was Kimber.
But Harry spoiled that in a note.

Chapter 21. (The woman behind the man behind the mask).

Speaking of spoilers, Harry went back, and gave Chokie/Irma a note spoiling that Dusty was alive, and JS way ahead of time.

"Let's get this show fucking moving", was Harry's philosophy.

Chapter Twenty Two. (The myth behind the mask)

Six year old Kimber Allison sat down at her writing desk with a notepad and a sharpie marker, and began to jot down some ideas.

That a strange man in a sweatsuit with an "H", on his chest told her in a dream.

Chapter Twenty Three. (The man behind the mask behind the man)

Harry materialized inside of and became Lash Tameron.
He looked at the mask Lash had sculpted, and said "you're gonna sell like hotcakes!".
Then added "....after Jade-Shade becomes a thing".

Chapter Twenty Three Point Five. (Lentilville)

Harry looked at a map of Lentilville on his his computer unit, then scrolled through some of its sordid history, and grumbled "blah, blah, blah, grouchy pretentious fucking blah", and moved on.

Chapter Twenty Four. (Streetsweepers meet "A Fan")

JS and Chokie assembled the clues Dr. Herbert had left, and went to his house.

Harry's notes had told them about this long ago, but said to let him have his dumb little game.

Chapter Twenty Four Point Four. (The death of the Irwins)

...but they didn't let him fake the deaths of their secret identities.
That was dumb.
Secret identities have social security cards, and licences, and bank accounts, and helpful connections.
All of this advice was in Harry's notes.

Chapter Twenty Four Point Five. (Dr. Herbert's thesis)

Harry gave it a skim with another "blah, blah, fucking blah..", and an eyeoll.

Chapter 25. (Streetsweepers meet Krazyfool)

Harry mostly stayed out of this one.
Except he beamed away Comrade Crimson Crossbow's flaming arrows, and put them out in space to snuff out, then get gobbled up by re-entry.

JS and Chokie did the rest.
And they still got their fame, minus burn injuries.

Chapter 26. (Jade Shade meets Harry Hembock)

Harry fused with Lash Tamron again, this time dressed as Harry Hembock.

Now, he was able to openly meet JS, and told him all the forbidden flashback stuff.

Then, at the pre-ordained time, he time froze the mystery assailant, beamed away his shuriken, tied him up, un-froze time, and unmasked him as....


Whom he confirmed from the picture he'd snapped of him.

A history change of this magnitude was dicey, so he used the black memory drive to reprogram JS's memories with the original "Harry dies", version.

Except with Phidey, A.K.A Ruby Revenant captured.
He made sure his fight with JS in the false memories was epic too.
"Why not?", he figured.

Chapter 27. (Harry Hembock: Revelations)

Harry spilled all this, so this poofed away.

Chapter 28. (Harry Hembock: Revelations (Part 2))


Chapter 29. (Chokecherry meets Eidolon)

Harry was tempted to upload future knowledge to Eidie right here, but decided against it, and left things alone.

Chapter 29.5. (The origin of Eidolon)

Harry left this alone too.

Chapter 30. (Jade Shade meets Shmegalamonga)

Harry reprogrammed Mike's depression out, and let him cut to the chase of putting the Harry books out.
"Just speeding up the inevitable", he muttered.

Chapter 31/38. (Shmegalamonga meets Dr. Herbert)

Harry left this one alone.

Season 2: Heroes, Villains, & other nutcases.
Chapter 1. (Streetsweepers meet Blood-Orange and Purple-Pepper)

Harry watched the conversation from a distance.
JS tuned out, but Harry picked up something about Blood Orange's crazy ex-husband throwing a phone at her and hitting a video game console, destroying both.
Purple Pepper had gotten her out of there, and just days before they both met Chokie.

"Lotta crazy ex-husbands", in this universe", Harry muttered before beaming out.

Harry traced down the ex-husband, and put him in the loony bin with Hadesburster and Sleepy Seeds.

Chapter 2. (Zone Dweebies Addendum: Revenge of the Cyber-Vixens)

Harry stayed out of this one, but he did watch with his scanner, and was slightly wounded by the descriptions of him by the two ladies.

Chapter 3. (Jade Shade meets Commander Continuum (the man from 2014))

August 17th.

Commander Continuum opened his eyes.
Back in the cafeteria of Elisa Jack.

He looked at the analog clock on the wall, and noted that everything from Horatio Allison to now had only taken 5 minutes.

The second-by-second reality was fading like a dream, but the important bullet points would remain.

It was always like this.

Just then, Harry materialized, put a scanner drive onto Continuum's forehead, and then on his own head, and performed a mind-splice, and entered the hallucinations Continuum had just left.

As he downloaded the memories, in the background, the computer recorded the neural quantum mumbo-jumbo in Continuum's head that allowed this kind of perfect temporal-historical reconstruction, uploaded it to Planet Eidolon, who then sent it back in time to her past self, who used it to complete the time loop of creating Commander Continuum's powers in the first place.

Meanwhile, by digitally backing up the neural-quantum whatever, Harry had permanent access to an emulation of Continuum's power anytime he used a brain drive on himself, or with others.

All of this, plus the time travel history of Lentilville, became known to Harry in a few seconds.

Harry then blanked Continuum's memories of ever seeing him there, and planted a neural suggestion that rendered him invisible, while he retrieved the two brain drives, and dematerialized away.
Like he had done for JS in season 1 chapter 26.

Chapter 4. (Jade Shade meets The Excruciationizer!!)

Harry stayed out of the way, watching from a distance, but as JS and Continuum picked up each recruit, he scanned their quantum-temporal signatures for something he had planned for later.

He had done the same for Blood Orange, Purple Pepper, and Zoria Bacillus.

Chapter 5. (Jade Shade meets Planetary Patrolman and SILICO)

Planetary Patrolman and SILICO were Commander Continuum and Omneron as it turned out, so there was no need to re-scan either of them.

Although, he had already gotten this backstory memory from chapter 3.

Chapters 6. (Jade Shade meets Sigma-Max)

Harry hung back, watching, scanning quantum data still.

Chapter 7-12


Chapter 13. (Streetsweepers vs. Peerless Person and Phenomenal Female)

Harry beamed away Phenomenal Female's explosives, and beamed her directly into the jail.
"Screw those assholes", he crumbled.
"Go get orally raped", he added, and nodded with satisfaction.

Chapter 14. (Eidolon meets Alfredo)

Harry acquired the Elisa Jack to Alfredo connection via his scan of Commander Continuum.

Chapter 15. (Avian Louse meets Offal)

Ditto the history of Offal.
In fact, "go get orally raped", was one of Offal's many catchphrases that had infested into Harry's mind like virii.

Chapter 16. (Chokecherry vs. Mage-Shiv (Round 2))

Harry watched this fight on his scanner from the donut shop.

Chapter 17. (Green Key/Laser-Jail)

September 13th, 2015.

Harry materialized next to Mike Meggison, put a scanner drive on his forehead, and mind-meshed with him.

He entered the realm of 1992 Tendin-verse Harry, connected it to Mike's July 2nd, 2014 memory, and then up to now.
His 1992 memories from his fusion self came full circle.

Then, Harry sent Mike his memories of having insired him in 1989, and 2011.

"Ah, it WAS you", Mike said as Harry removed the drive.

"Yep", Harry said.

Then, Harry hooked the drive to Mike's "green key", drive, sucked up copies of all the JS stories, then downloaded them as VR into his brain.

"And, done", he said, then de-materialized.

Chapter 18. (Commander Continuum vs. QD Season 1)

Harry got all these memories in chapter 3, so he skipped this one.

Chapter 19. (Jade Shade vs. The Incarceration Racket)

Harry got these same memories from Lash Tamron in season 1, chapter 26, and amplified them to the detail in chapter 19 when he copied Continuum's powers.
So, ditto on skipping this one.

Chapter 20. (Captain Descrambler meets Season 1, Chapter 0)

Harry had actually been there for Season 1, Chapter 0, and had gotten Steve Ellicott's memories of it during his scan of Commander Continuum.
Another skip.

Chapter 21. (Planet Eidolon)

Planet Eidolon already gave him these memories during his meld with Continuum.
"Man, there was a lot packed into in those few seconds", he mentally observed.

Chapter 22. (Planet Eidolon meets Harry Hembock)

Harry materialized outside of Lovely's, just out of view of any windows, and strolled in.

Harry aimed his tablet at Eidie's tablet, and pushed some virtual buttons.
Her tablet lit up with multiple downloads that completed in seconds, and changed the interface around.

"Hey, what the fuck, man!!?", she exclaimed with horror that he could hack her.

"Don't worry, it's good stuff. It'll change the future. Which is fine, because the original timeline without my help looked like a drab bummer anyway".

After visiting 2049, this seemed true enough, from Harry's point of view.

Eidolon looked at her tablet, and saw some strange references to "Planet Eidolon", and a future copyright date that couldn't possibly be real.

Steve Ellicott came out from the back room, and Dusty Irwin walked in returning some JS fan-film tapes.

Steve, Dusty, Eidie, and Harry all stared at each other for a couple awkward confused moments, and Harry, ever the chatterbox, was the one that broke the silence.

"Okay, this is a long weird story, but I can prove all of it...".

Chapter 23. (Harry Hembock upgrades)

Harry used the scanner drive to link Eidolon to the net, and Planet Eidolon, and drastically sped up the origin of Planet Eidolon.
More meddling.
His biggest yet.
But he was far from done.

QD:Season 2, Chapter 24. (Harry Hembock meets Quantum Dissolve)

Everything above happened.

Then, Harry beamed all the Freed Radicals to Lovely's.

Then, he used scanner drives to give them all his memories of the timeline meddling he'd just done.

Then, he beamed back to season 1, chapter 0.

Then, he beamed all the future Freed Radicals together at Lovely's again.
Way ahead of schedule.
Using the quantum-temporal signatures he'd scanned and saved along the way.

This created a third timeline from the original.

Then, he fused the Freed Radicals with their timeline 1 and timeline 2 selves.
Their timeline 2 selves remembering everything Harry remembered thanks to the scanner drives.

"Ta daa!", Harry said with a smirk as everyone's memories sorted out, and they realized what he'd done.

He tapped a few more commands, and fused all the Mike Meggisons together too.

"So what does all this cross-temporal madness even mean for us?", JS demanded.

"You're free. You can do whatever you want now. And we're back to 2013, so fuck 2016".

"So, we have to beat all those assholes up all over again?", Chokie asked, disgusted.

Harry got a message from Planet Eidolon on the screen of his computer unit, and he smiled.
"Actually, I've got a plan to settle the whole 'villain', thing once and for all too", he said with a devilish grin.

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