Tuesday, December 27, 2016

QD:Season 2, Chapter 29. (Evil Goes Out Of Business)

Meanwhile, back at chapter 24...

Harry got a message from Planet Eidolon on the screen of his computer unit, and he smiled.
"Actually, I've got a plan to settle the whole 'villain', thing once and for all too", he said with a devilish grin.

Planet Eidolon
Three Million AD.
The "Quantum Dissolve", universe.

Planet Eidolon commanded the teleporter to scan itself a second back in time, and materialized a copy of itself from the scan.

Then, she networked the two teleporters together, and materialized a third.

With three working together, it was easy to duplicate another three.

And another three, and another three.....

Planet Eidolon
Five Million AD.
The "Quantum Dissolve", universe.

Planet Eidolon had re-sequenced every quark of her existence to be one big giant inter-dimensional teleporter.

Then she teleported her entire mass back in time.

Planet Eidolon
Three Million AD.
The "Quantum Dissolve", universe.

Dimensional-Teleporter-Planet-Eidolon materialized next to her past self.

She then re-sequenced her past self into a copy of her present self.

Then, she downloaded all her future memories into her upgraded past self.

Then, having erased away those extra two million years of evolution, her future self vanished.
Past Planet Eidolon was now future Planet Eidolon.
Which, is how it goes with time travel.

Planet Earth
The "Quantum Dissolve", universe.
Timeline 3.

Harry Hembock looked up, and Dimensional-Teleporter-Planet-Eidolon materialized up in the sky.
His grin got bigger.
It was all over, and it was also just beginning.

Dimensional-Teleporter-Planet-Eidolon beamed up a sampling of criminals, and scanned their brain patterns.

She then used those patterns as a template to create a scan for all criminals.

Not just the muggers, rapists, and murderers, but the rent gougers, the scam artists, the swindlers, the sharks, the backstabbers, the cheats, the crooks, the predatory lenders, the dirty politicians, the crooked cops, the theocratic judges, the whole sordid lot, no matter their social station.
Top to bottom on the food chain.
No special privilege for anyone.

She then found a dimensional Earth duplicate where human beings never evolved, and beamed all the horrible people to that Earth all in one fell swoop.
Including the sample cases she beamed up.

Then, she swapped the clean atmosphere of that planet with Earth's dirty one.
All in one big instant transplant.
Then, she beamed all the other pollution.
The garbage, the heavy metals, the fossil fuel smoke, the soot, the radiation, the medical waste, the sewage, the urine gravy of the big cities, all of it, and sent it to the other planet.
Sociopaths made this mess, they could now wallow in it.

She then plucked out all the good clean stuff from that other planet a split second before the pollution arrived to ruin it, and sent it to Earth.
Trees, animals, insects, coral, ozone, clean water, all the choice goodies.

Beaming away all the assholes gave her ample genetic scans, and she scanned the remaining population, and beamed out all the bad genes, cleaning everyone up, so no new criminals and tyrants would ever be born again.
Evil was done.
Sent to the shit planet, or deleted.

She then surrounded the Good Earth with weather control satellites to further help unwind the damage the criminals had done.

She then hacked the entire internet, found every scrap of cash the criminals had hidden away in the deepest darkest bowers, and gave it back to the people as the biggest rebate ever.
Where things were in physical vaults, she beamed it all out, and distributed it household to household.

There was enough for everybody.
Health care, food, roads, space travel, everything.
Right there.
Stolen by pigs.
That was over now.

She then beamed up all the weapons, from teensy purse pistols, to atomic warheads, and broke them all down to raw elements.
With crime gone, and war gone, they were just wasting valuable atoms.

Then, she beamed down particle printers, and patterns for making everything else.
Then, she downloaded down patterns and instructions for how to rocket the internet forward a million years, and get teleporters and free energy up and running.

And with particle printers, tissue farming, and gene re-sequencing, all disease would fade out in a generation. If that.
With scanner drives, mental illness would be gone sooner.

And most mental illness not caused by genes was just residue of having to put up with the assholes, who were all gone now.

To make sure of it, she put a permanent self replenishing force-field around Shit Earth.
And self-repairing satellite beacons to warn anyone away.

Then, in a reversal of how she sifted out the evil people, she beamed up all the special, great, cool, and weird people, and beamed them directly to her.
This easily included all the superheroes.

She then went back to 3 million AD.
The freaks, geeks, supers, they'd all live with her, exploring the multiverse forever, and ever, and ever.
Going back anytime they wanted to visit, or deliver new discoveries.

Planet Earth
The 24th century.
The "Quantum Dissolve", universe.
Timeline 3.

The Good Earth evolved into the world of Astro Gallop for real.

They built a fleet of starships, and one of those was the real U.S.S. Concordance.

Then, one day, Mike Meggison materialized on the quantum dissolver platform of the U.S.S. Concordance.

Mike sent a signal to Planet Eidolon, and smiled about what the next phase was going to be.

Planet Eidolon beamed the Concordance to her.

Now the Concordance would be exploring the multiverse forever, and ever, and ever.
Fulfilling its original mission in ways its crew never dreamed.

And so they did.
And so they all did.
The multiverse for their playground.
For eons and eons.

Then, one day....

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