Thursday, December 1, 2016

QD:Season 2, Chapter 23. (Harry Hembock upgrades)

After an excruciating session both telling and proving his story, and winning everyone's trust, Harry proceeded.

Harry tapped some controls on his teleport control unit, and a small black bit of plastic the size and dimensions of a flash drive and with rounded edges popped out of a compartment on top of the unit.

Harry removed the drive-like device, and placed a flat side horizontally across the middle of Eidolon's forehead.
It stuck there like a sticker via some sort of magnetism, or enhanced surface tension.

Harry punched some more controls, and a blue progress bar lit up on the small black device, and ran across in under 10 seconds, and then turned back off.

Harry popped the device off of Eidolon's head as easy as a kitchen magnet, and re-inserted it into the control pad where it immediately sucked back inside.

"There we go, you're copied to the internet. Now you don't have to wait 50 years, and humanity doesn't have to twiddle its thumbs worrying about you getting prematurely bumped off by a villain", Harry said as calmly as a doctor giving a routine checkup, and punctuating the end with a goofy smirk.

"So, saving the long term survival of humanity was that easy?", Eidolon asked incredulously.

"Well, yes and no. You in the original timeline had to go through those millions of years of hardship to get it right the first time, and that'll always be there somewhere in the multiverse. But for us? Yes, it was that easy", Harry said with another relaxed grin.

Eidolon held up her tablet "so, I've got the ISP and DNS addresses to the planet version of myself in the future on this now?", she asked, meaning the tablet.

"In a manner of speaking, yeah", Harry said.

"And with that, I can teleport?", she asked.

"Among an array of other things, yeah", Harry said.

She grinned, cycled through some startup wizard pages on an app, found the proper commands, and de-materialized.
It took her under a minute to suss the controls.

"Holy fucking asscrap!!", said Offal on the VHS tape still playing on a CRT TV.
Meanwhile, a bored Dwindle played the Deadly Fire Ants machine.

"Teenagers", Harry thought with an eyeroll.

Eidolon materialized in the computer room at the Den Of Seclusion, and transmitted the quantum mumbo-jumbo equivalent to ISP and DNS to all the computers there.

Then, she tapped out a quick "readme", file on everything that had happened, plus the instructions she'd just figured out, and e-mailed them to Dr. H.

Then, she propagated the same "ISP/DNS", addresses to the Omneron uplink watches of all the Freed Radicals, and to JS's mask.

One user it unwittingly propagated to, was Mike Meggison.

Not being as fresh and spry as Eidolon anymore, it took him a week to crack half the functions, but among other things, he stumbled onto access to Harry's control unit.

He remotely ejected one of the black drive devices, and beamed it to himself.

He popped it into the battery compartment of his blu-ray remote control, closed it up, and let the computer hack it for awhile.
When it was done, the remote was now his teleport uplink control unit.

Through it, he could patch his PC, thus the limitless powers of Planet Eidolon, through his TV.

He laid back in bed looking at his wall posters.
With the dimensions of the multiverse at his disposal, and with his posters as a map, he said "now...where do I want to go first?".

Meanwhile, back at Lovely's, and a week before, Dusty couldn't stop staring awkwardly at Harry, and finally said "'re my brother, right? You're alive?".

"'Sort of', to the first part, 'yes', to the second part...", Harry said.

Dusty made a move forward, and Harry stopped him with "please, no hugging".


Diacanu said...

Oh, and of course the posters are from my wall series.
Here's the link to those.

Can't talk about 'em in the story cuz copyright.

Paladin said...

A shared last!

I love it that Harry and Dusty really are brothers now.

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