Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Adding to my collection (Part 9).

Or, "Bargain Bin Bounty 6".

Or, "Latest Acquisitions 4".

Part 8.

'Nother trip to Bullmoose with a quick side stop at Wal-Mart.

4 film favorites: Batman Collection.

See here, and here.

Ah, there, finally got those upgraded.
Just need Adam West, and those racist serials.

So, here's my re-reassessment.


Oh, man, this looks SO old now.
Jack Nicholson Joker no longer holds up.
I'm sorry, he doesn't.
His best lines are "wait 'til they get a load of me", "where does he get those wonderful toys?", and "he's at home, washing his tights!".
Everything else, argh.
Especially every line he says about or to Vicky Vale.

Nostalgia is the only reason to watch this.

Although, I've got a bone to pick with people who think this "wasn't faithful to the source material".
It totally was.
This one 100% nails the 40's Bob Kane Batmans.
It does.
For better and for worse.
Seriously, go fucking read them.
And no less an authority than Bob Kane himself thought so.
He loved the fucking thing.

Batman Returns

Still my favorite of these ones, and it gets better with age.
Anne Hathaway's Catwoman was excellent, but Pfeiffer's still holds up for me.
They shove Penguin in your face, and he's great too, but Catwoman steals this thing.
"Batman", was the shake out cruise compared to this one.

Batman Forever

In the light of the first one not aging well, this one is just as dumb, in every single way, and vice versa.
I'm sorry, if you hate this one, and love the first one, you're in denial, or on crack.

Watch 'em.
Watch 'em right now.
One and three, back to back.
Do it.

Tell me with a straight face that part one is better.
Go ahead and try.
I physically dare you.

Batman and Robin

Yeah, it's still as bad as everyone says, and as bad as you remember, but it's the natural sequel to "Forever".
I mean, look, Two-Face was played as Joker 2.0, and Poison Ivy was Catwoman 2.0.
They've all got their cheese, and they called back to stuff you liked, so the old complaints don't hold water.
The track they were going on wasn't gonna lead to Frank Miller.
Sorry, it wasn't.
They paid lip service to Miller, but it was bullshit.

This quadrilogy was all Bob Kane.
The first two were the 40's, three was 50's, this was 60's.
They completed the Bat Family, so they went full on Adam West.

I don't agree with the artistic choice, but it was a valid one.
It was the wrong one, but it was valid.
They didn't pull this Batman out of their ass, it was in the fucking comics.
Deal with it.
Stop the fanboy lies, and face it.

You may want to pretend the Tony Martin years of Black Sabbath don't count, but it's 10 fucking years of band history.

We've got the Nolan trilogy, so all is well.
And, these laid the groundwork that made them possible.
Deny it at your peril.

Anyway, DVD wise, bonus features are all text.
You get what normally goes in the paper pamphlets.
No commentary, no documentary.

Set was worth the price for "Returns", and this review.

Unbreakable (2-disc edition)

See here.

Finally got this one too.

Like I said here, needed this one, and now I just need "The Wraith", and "Dredd", and I'll be all caught up on my superhero flick collection.
Except for this year's crop, of course.

You know...I think this is really the only M. Night Shyamalan flick that holds up.

"The Sixth Sense", loses steam once you know the big secret, and the rest of 'em...are crap.
And getting worse with each picture.
I mean, come on, fucking "After Earth".

But this, I could watch it again and again.
It's a special little flick.
I think history will vindicate this one in the long run.

Anyway, DVD, bonuses are all on the second disc.
There's a nice little documentary with a bunch of comics people that's kind of a mini update to "Superheroes Unmasked", then a making-of with Shyamalan waxing pretentious, and then deleted scenes introduced by Shyamalan that you're glad they deleted.

The comic documentary is worth the second disc.

Four feature films:

A bouquet of 80's SF.

Flash Gordon, The Last Starfighter, Battlestar Galactica, & Dune.

My old reviews still hold up for the flicks themselves.

Galactica....I probably should have thrown in with Star Wars Ripoffs, but...I dunno, my mind kinds of walls it off as its own thing for some reason.

Anyway, the pilot film is decent enough, but...I actually thought the schlock films were more fun.
This is pretty slow.
I did have fun matching it up in my mind with the remake pilot, seeing how this version hit all the various key plot points differently.

Bonuses are just about as plain-Jane as the Batmans were.

Only "Starfighter", has a commentary.

"Flash", has a nice little mini documentary of Alex Ross gushing over and defending the flick, and then quickly plugging his new DVD art.

"Starfighter", also has a nice little nostalgia doc by the cast and crew.

And, I guess that's it.
Good to have these flicks upgraded all in one whack.
I'd put it off long enough.

Double Feature: Alien/Aliens

See here, and here.

Another upgrade I'd put off long enough.

Plain greed held this back.
I'm an idiot.
I kept holding out for the full-blown "Alien Legacy", quadrilogy boxed set, and some other expensive item would always come along and become more necessary, like a replacement DVD player, or a new computer, or something.
It was always something.
And year after year, that set would never get dirt cheap enough.

Finally, I was like..."I only like the first 2 anyway...what the hell".

So, there, that's done.

"Alien", has Ridley Scott commentary, deleted scenes, production art, yadda, yadda.
"Aliens", no commentary, but a long James Cameron interview from the 90's, and all the production art type stuff.
For "Aliens", it's the director's version, so the deleted scenes are cut into the film, and it's all good stuff, as I recall.
I had this same version on VHS.

So, there.
Still waiting on "Poultrygeist", and "Troma's War", for my Troma review part 2.

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