Friday, June 28, 2013

Quantum Dissolve: Chapter Fifteen. (Jade Shade meets Chokecherry)

Jade Shade was out on patrol when he saw her.

Five foot eight, skinny, wavy shoulder length crayon red hair, green lipstick, and wearing a cough-syrup-red latex getup that covered her from neck to toe, except for her fingers and thumbs.

She'd been following him for some time, intending to be seen.

"Oh, goody, my first stalker", JS thought humorously.

Round about one thirty in the AM was when JS finally found some muggers to play with.
That's when his fangirl interceded.

She broke into a full deep run, injected herself right into the fray, and began throwing kicks and punches, and even did a couple flips.

JS decided to stand back, and watch.
Legs broke, teeth flew loose, an artery was punctured by a heel, and JS was pretty sure that that one guy with the Mohawk was going to lose a testicle.

The would-be mug-ee was horrified, and ran off screaming.

Fangirl crouched on her right knee, her other leg outstretched, and her fists held out in a pose worthy of a comic book.

Through heavy breathing, she said "did I pass the audition?".

"Beg pardon?", JS replied.

"Pass the audition".



She got to her feet, and walked up to him, hand outstretched for shaking.

JS ignored the hand, and said "and you are??".

"Oh, right. Chokecherry. But you can call me Irma".

"I work alone".

"Oh, come on! You saw what I can do. Who are you kidding? You need me".

"I work alone".

"You're not one of those guys into the little boy sidekicks are you?".

"I work alone".

Chokecherry smiled, reached toward her neck, and began to slowly unzip her suit.

"Sure there' way I can persuade you?", she said with an eyebrow wiggle.

JS began to turn away.

She abandoned subtlety, and pulled the zipper down to her stomach, and hauled out her tits.

JS froze.

Next thing he knew, her right hand was wrapped around the back of his neck, and her left was going for his crotch.

He looked down, and could see her trimmed little red thatch from this angle.

"Is that a nightstick in your pants, or are you glad to se me?", she said with a smirk.

JS finally figured "what am I? A eunuch?".
He shrugged, and went in.

They proceeded to fuck.

Right there, in the alleyway, behind a dumpster.

Her fighting prowess translated right over.

And somehow...
It. Felt. RIGHT.

Of course, JS insisted on keeping the mask on the whole time.

They went three times, and then JS finally passed out.

Chokecherry lifted up his mask, kissed him on the forehead, and whispered.
"I missed you, Dusty".


Paladin said...

Oh, my.

Diacanu said...

I tried the scene multiple ways in my head, and finally I was like "they're super, they're not going to go out for a boring coffee date, let's get right to it".

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