Monday, June 3, 2013

Flicks I've watched online (Part 9).

Well, let's cut right to it.

Message From Space (1978)

There were a lot of Star Wars knockoffs back in the day.
This was quite possibly the best.
It's Japanese Star Wars, and it's Godzilla-budget cheese, and I fucking love it.

This ripped off a lot of Star Wars ideas, but ESB and ROTJ turned right around, and ripped this off.
Damn, that Lucas is a hack.
Luckiest man in showbiz.

So...imagine the Jedi are chosen by magic glowing walnuts, and that even Artoo-Detoo gets to be one.

Also imagine, Princess Leia's ship has sails, and steampunk controls, Leia's split into two characters, Luke's split into three characters, Han solo and Obi-Wan are merged into one character, and both droids are merged into one character, and serve the same story function as Chewie.

And finally, imagine Darth Vader shows his face, and looks like he was designed by the artists on Voltron, and the Emperor is female, and his mom (and also Voltron-ed up).

Hey, it's better than fucking TPM.
And come to think of it, Lucas visually stole the pod race from this too.

Well, y'know what?
Why not just watch it.


Diacanu said...

Dammit, had the link for "Godzilla Gala", instead of the Youtube link to watch the flick.


Diacanu said...

Fixed, anyway.

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