Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dicky-Pedia: Volume II

In Podsvilles 0 & 1, I said I was going to build up a blunt vocabulary that was an antidote to the vocabulary of cute euphamistic American bullshit.
I was hoping that would emerge on its own in the rants, but, I guess I gotta give it a push.
So, going back through the first 44 entries, and condensing concepts, here's a starter kit of Dicky-Sniglets to get me going.

And hell, why not have this be the sequel to Dicky-Pedia while I'm at it?

And hey, look at that, the 200th cultural criticism to boot!

Okay, here we go...

Weirdness- Being/staying sane in an insane world, and anything that helps you do that.
Also, art/music that works toward that end. (see Insouciance)

Podsville- Also known as "the puzzle factory", "Bizarro-world", "Zombieland", "Lidsville", etc. The synthetic habitat of the allegedly "normal".
(see "the real world", "the shining habitrail on a hill", "Fairhaven")

Sniveling thugs- Those that threaten violence/censorship/financial obliteration, while playing the poor little victim, all over something really small and petty.
Often, they'll invoke myth based superstition (currently it's the popular flavor) but not always. These people are never able to take a joke.

Sideshow Bob- Kelsey Grammar. Particularly when he's being a partisan shill, or just an asshole. (See his ex wife)

Third world shithole- (See Arizona)

Quack-Whore- A scientist who sells out to woo merchants. (See Bill Nye)

Greed-bags- The "too big to fail", banks, and their Wall-Street and Washington cohorts.

Myth Cult Kidfuckers- The heirarchy of the Roman Catholic Church.

Joey Ratz- The Fuggin Pope. I ain't calling that fucker no make-believe title.

Homeopathic faith- The non-existant faith of those who bawl "blasphemy".
The automatic setting for Sniveling Thugs.

Lying Savages- A.K.A "The Lizards", Those that create, and are empowered by fear.
Politicians, clergy, pundits. Basicly, anyone in authority with blood on their hands, directly, or vicariously.
No answers to my challenges on that topic. Never gonna get one.

Tinfoil mongers- Conspiracy nuts, and gloom and doomers, with un-evidenced hoo-hah. And they never apologize when proven wrong, or the doom doesn't happen. It's just dead silence, and on to the next abomination.

Science denialists- Children who don't want to clean their room, and deeply resent being told to do so. That simple. Desperately and feverishly try to paint their opposition as the Tinfoil Mongers. Same deal, when wrong, dead silence.

Sissybaby-fuckers- The Catholic flavor of Sniveling Thugs.

Squabble-dubs- Talk show guests, warring countries, prick waving leaders, your parents. Mankind at its basest, and dubbiest.

Thuggery- The vindictive behaviors of Sniveling Thugs.

The Owners- (see Lying Savages)

Godbawlz - The level of entitlement and un-earned respect demanded by people like Joey Ratz, and the Sissybaby-fuckers, and the balls on them to assume it. Muslim Clerics also have Godbawlz.

Insolence- The descriptor given to the behavior of those who refuse to kiss the Godbawlz.

The Horror- The stuff our lovely species churns out daily. (see the news)

Myth Cult Rapists- The more accurate descriptor to the Myth Cult Kidfuckers, since apparently, Catholic clergy are raping everybody, not just kids.
And it covers the atrocities of Islam too.

He-Man Woman-Haters Club- No gurlz allowed!! Cute name for the Myth-Cult Rapists, since they aren't exactly always raping.

The Pie Eating Contest- Corporate competition, every day prick waving, one-upmanship, cock-blocking, throat-cutting, back-stabbing, double-dealing, this whole American THING we've got going on. Particularly, its self-righteous pseudo-philosophical justifications.

Spock was right- Humans are illogical. (see Podsville)

The Horror Show- The News.

The Greasy Turd- The fella in diagram 1.

Insubordination- Not saluting and clicking your heels in the presence of The Owners.

A plan- Get one, kids.

Insouciance- How to get through this life without shooting a fucker.

The Slow Motion Apocalypse- BP oil spill, recessions, etc, etc...

Individuality- A rare commodity in America, and the Greed-Bags don't seem interested in it.

The 9 Snarks- And the 12 suggestions. My parody of the 9/12 list.

Straining out a movement- A.K.A "pinching off a movement". The formation of yet another gathering of miffed humanity.
Sniveling Thugs, and Squabble-Dubs, will typically be in their number.
The inevitable end by-product of The Pie Eating Contest.
One must flush movements before they stink up the house.

This!- The Shmegalamonga coat of arms.

Strawberry Fields- Nothing is real.

Entropy- It devours all.

Bullshit yourself!!- How the Zombies/Pods get through life without shooting a fucker. (See also, drugs, alchohol, religion)

Captain Beeble- You were too beautiful for this world *sniff*.

Randian Villains- Fox News.

Santi Teardrops- A cross between Santi Taferella, and Frankie Teardrop. I called Santi "Santi Teardrop", because I could see him ending up like the character in "Frankie Teardrop". So, Santi TeardropS, plural noun, would be the angst tears cried by an emo bitch. So, avoid the Santi Teardrops, kiddies.

The Real World- Actually, an illusary state of mind. The way the zombies/pods describe their enslavement. Makes it sound like a noble conviction, y'see. (see Podsville)

The Shining Habitrail On A Hill- My snarky name for "the real world". Has that extra ring of in-group pride The Pods seem to love so much... (see Podsville)

Concerned Mothers- The Nervous Nanny flavor of Sniveling Thugs. Also, Fuck the PTC.

Harry Hembock Hair- The chick hairdo for the 2010's, apparently.

Incoherant Bullshit- What to generally expect from political discourse in America, since its very image of itself is loaded to busting with dissonance.

The one with the names- Postcards From Podsville #34.

Fuck angst- The mantra to keep the Santi Teardrops at bay.

Fairhaven- The West. (See Podsville)

The Rape Couple- Luke & Laura. Romance in the mind of millions of frustrated 70's housefraus, apparently.

Madonna- The epitome of, thus definition of, pseudo talent.
Overhyped/overpaid mediocrity.
Ex. "Red Lobster is the Madonna of seafood".

Teeny-jail- High school.

The poison- The bio-hazardous waste matter given off by Podsville, and its institutions, and inhabitants, that gathers in the blood, and can only be vented textually and verbally in rants.
This act can also help others vicariously flush out their poison, therefore, it becomes a medical responsibility.

Help me Smee!- An exclamation to describe a hypnoticly repetitive performance/lecture/task/routine/ritual/exhibition/person/etc.

Dilhole- Scott Adams.

Hammer Brothers- Godbawlz lickers who express themselves silently, and more "sincerely", than your typical Sniveling Thugs.

Foxwoods-Junior- Chuck E. Cheese. Latest target of Concerned Mothers.

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