Sunday, May 15, 2011



I love the word. I love the object it describes.

I remember as a kid, I saw some movie on the channel 56 creature feature that was some sort of cowboys vs. mad scientists deal, I wish I could remember what the hell it was, but it had a scene where the good guys had to cross an acid pit by hanging upside down across a rope, sorta sloth walking it, and if they lost their grip "SSSSSSSSS!!".

I had never heard of acid until that moment, and had to have it explained to me that it was a liquid that if you got it on you, you melted.

I fell in love instantly.

Where was this substance all my life?

When I got up in age, around 5th/6th grades, I learned the finer details of the chemistry of acid, about how the molecules sort of "unzip", the molecules of what they're dissolving.

Even more of a thrill.

You're essentially being de-molecularized by this stuff.

Actual sci-fi disintegration, and this shit was for real!!

Again, "where was this information all my life?", I wondered.

This should have been in the orientation pamphlet in the womb next to Star Wars, and Dinosaurs.

And the word, it was perfect, that "c", in the middle, if you hold it, it pretty much resembles the sizzle!


Then, when I made it up to Sweetser, I learned of a street drug called "acid".

Holy shit, something so badass in its effect on you, they named it after acid!!

I guessed that it probably "melts your mind".

Then I was informed that's EXACTLY what it fucking does!!


Then, in real high school, I found out it actually is an acid, and the definition of acids gets a bit trickier, and that the "A", in DNA stands for acid too.

But, it didn't disillusion, everything I learned about acid just kept getting cooler.

Jumping back to childhood, every flick that had acid in it thrilled me to no end.
It's all over "Superman 3".
It's even the plot gimmick of the finale.

Acid blood in the xenomorphs in Alien/Aliens?
Hog heaven.

The "Josh Acid", skit on SNL?
A true dream come true.

How my heart thrilled with fantasies of dumping it on people, dunking them in it, so many wonderful ways to destroy.

Bad people who had it coming, of course.

I'd never actually DO it, but in the playground of my mind, why not?

Then, in recent years, I heard stories of assholes in theocratic middle-eastern countries throwing acid in the faces of women for...having free will, and a vagina in combination....

Ahhh...dammit, that fucking ruined it for me.

Tch...another dream spoiled by religion.

Hitchens is right, religion, it poisons everything.

Even poison.

Ah, I still like the word acid though.

And I'm still to this day deeply frustrated my parents refused to foster my obsession, and get me this toy for christmas back in the 80's....

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