Saturday, May 21, 2011

A very merry Unpocalypse!!

AAAA verryy merry unpocalypse! To me? To you!!

A very merry unpocalypse to you!!



...and this..

...and also, this...

...and some of this..

...and a bit of this.


Diacanu said...

(Q from the primordial ooze scene in "all good things")

Closer...and closer...and CLOSER...awwww, nothing happened.

Philip1978 said...

I am the owner of the blog Tea Fuelled Madness and I fully approve of the Tea pot being used by the Mad Hatter!

Apocalypse was crap, not even a fart from Jebus.

My friend Kev reckons Buffy the Vampire Slayer prevented it.

I wonder if Camping will use that excuse - it would be a good one! :D

Lanz said...

Shouldn't that be "A very merry unpocalypse!"?

Diacanu said...

Well, yeah, but then that woulda spoiled the ending.

Diacanu said...

Oh, what the hey, now that it's un-happened, I'll retcon the sucker...

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