Sunday, July 10, 2016

Ghostbusters: Final Thoughts Before The Big Day.

Previously in the Countdown To GB16 series...

Another quickie bonus episode, because I thought the last one was weak to go out on.

5 days to go!!!!!!!

So, the reviews are coming in, and Rotten Tomatoes is holding at 74%
It doesn't suck, it doesn't ruin childhoods, in fact, it's good, and the haters are lying weasels.
Or stupid.
Or driven by politics and pride.
They were wrong.
And they're being sore losers as expected.
*Cracks knuckles*
*Punches palm*
This is gonna be fun. B-)

Still, Sony's marketing department has some 'splainin' to do.

Course, I've seen so many trailers in my day, I can mentally cut through the choppy quality of clunky editing to the quality of the real film underneath.
I'm smarter than them.
That's not bragging, that's cold reality.

I always knew it was good, it was the reviews that were the big breath hold.
I can exhale now.
Next comes opening weekend receipts.
If it can blow past the predictions, that'd be great.
Rotten Tomatoes should help as much as it hurt BvS.

Also, as I said here...

For me, GB16 just has to be better than GB2.
If it can clear that hurdle, anything above that is gravy.

Guess what?

It's better than GB2.

We're golden.

I'm so fucking excited.
The wait until Friday will be torture.
Absolute torture.

I haven't wanted a movie this bad since...I dunno, Return Of The Jedi, maybe Freddy vs Jason.

As much as I wound up loving The Force Awakens, I was cautious about that one going in.

Caution is to the wind with this one.
I'm fucking over the moon.

I've got my key lime slime Twinkies tucked away in my file cabinet.
I already ate a box, and they're fucking scrumptious.
Can't seem to find the Marshmallow Man ones.
Ecto-Cooler hasn't shown up yet either.
The greenies will have to do.

I've been keeping a digital scrapbook on a flash drive, and using it as graphics ammo for these posts.
I've kept it all.
Set pics, merch, ads, trailers, vignettes, interviews, posters, all of it.
I wonder how much of it I'll save after I've seen the flick.

How much will finally knowing the film make superfluous?
I'm almost as interested as I am in the film itself.

5 days....5 days...120 hours.

Someone give me a fast-forward button for time.


B. D. said...

"The 120 Hours Of Sodom"

I didn't know there were key lime Twinkies; it took me a beat to realize they're a tie-in with the movie. I liked Ecto Cooler Hi-C as a kid. There are key lime chocolate Pepperidge Farm Milano's too, but they're not a tie-in. (They're good though!)

Hey, Papa John's doing tie-ins too. Taste the Randroidiness, bro (he's a Randroid type, just so you know, if you didn't already.) His acting in his commercials makes Dave Thomas from Wendy's look like Humphrey Bogart. Ugh. I guess the pizza is okay though.

"I was cautious going into The Force Awakens" - LOL, TFA is pretty damn safe. They even managed to get Harrison Ford to not be grumpy the whole way through. Here's hoping Hamill can do as well in New Empire Strikes Back. If that's what this is going to be.

I'm surprised you give a shit about reviews at all--hey, it's your call (I still read them, too so I'm not calling you out!) You seem pretty critic-proof with regards to what you like in movies.

Diacanu said...

Oh, I was probably gonna still be excited about it even if the tomato score was rotten, but for a big tent-pole movie, normal people listen to critics, and it effects the box-office, and box-office effects sequels, and I want those.

I'd like at least two like the original generation got.

B. D. said...

Heh, did you see the part at 9 minutes in?

Diacanu said...

Oh, yes indeedy I did.

But, I get to see it every day on the local news, and the newsreaders try not to either laugh, or facepalm.

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