Saturday, June 11, 2011

There's nothing to know.

This mini topic has cropped up a lot in my head, enough times, that, I figure I can make another series out of it.

It comes down to this, there's a lot of shit I thought I would "get", when I grew up, and now that I have the perspective of 35 years,...there's nothing to "get", it's stupid shit. Or evil shit.

My instincts were right.

And you kids out there, so are yours.

There's no deep hidden fucking meaning, no cosmic mystery.

Don't listen to bullshit.

So many stupid evil assholes dangle that around themselves, this aura of cosmic mystery, that they KNOW something you don't.

They don't, they're evil, stupid, and full of shit.

And I wanna break all those little things down as I think of them.

Hopefully, by the end of this thing, I'll have every last one fucking disintegrated.

And hopefully, that can spare some confused nerdy kid out there some fucking grief.

Well, let's have an example or two to get the ball rolling...

Well, here's one I've ranted before, the whole grownup fight thing you didn't get when you were little.

There's nothing to know.

People can be melodramatic assholes with terrible conflict resolution skills.
It's a plague across the planet.
And it's every bit as stupid and fucked up as it looks.

There's nothing to know, it is what it is.
Your senses aren't betraying you.

Or, hey, are you a nerd, and the popular jerk kids are giggling meanly, and you assume it's about you, and you're curious what the joke is, and you wonder how/why the lead popular kid is so popular, even though his "jokes", aren't funny, and his stories aren't interesting, and his "charisma", seems to be that he's just loud, and talks in a phony fucking DJ sorta voice?

There's nothing to know there.
He isn't hiding the greatest joke in the world, there's no magic secret to know, he's just a loud obnoxious asshole.

A boring loud obnoxious asshole.

A MEAN boring loud obnoxious asshole.

Your senses aren't deceiving you.

"But...but..why is he so liked?".

People are fucking sheep, the loud obnoxious monkey gets the attention regardless if he actually has something to say.
Watch politicians sometime.
Okay, maybe there IS that to know, but surely your senses were telling you that.
You just didn't want to believe it could be so simple.
Your intellect rebels.
Well, believe it.

"But...but...if most people are these dumb girl I like is part of that clique..I have to save her!".

Stop liking her, she's a moron, and she's poisoned.
Go meet some girl at a convention or something.

So, there, there's a couple down right there.

So, that's childhood, and high school, here's one for your later teens, and twenties.

Have you been sold on liberalism in that, liberals won't censor shit like a Rethuglican Christ-o-fascist, or even be an outright fascist?

And theeen....Democrats turn around, and try to censor rock n' roll, or video'll see a liberal journalist get all star-struck, and gooey-eyed around a leftist fucking dictator, and you're a bit confused?

Yeah, there's no deep secret to unlock, you're looking at what it is.

And don't bother trying to get a straight fucking answer from the perpetrators, cuz you ain't gonna get one.

So there, there's that innocence lost.
But don't think running into the arms of the fucking tea party's gonna erase any fucking hypocrisy.

There, a trifecta of bubbles popped, that was fun, I'm gonna like this column.

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