Monday, June 13, 2011

There's nothing to know #4.

Fuckin 3: Fuckin' Drama.

So, your wife's sister whips her snoosh out at ya, and you're like "well, that's just the sort of thing to pick me up from this bummer of a day".

So, a little bit of the old in-and-out, and sure enough, you're pepped right up, and maybe it's gonna be a jolly day after all.

Then, the wife comes home, and starts screaming her guts out, and "oh, boy here we go with this shit again", and all you want is some goddamned peace and quiet, so you go get the fucking butcher knife, and that only elicits even more screaming, and things just spiral downhill from there.

It's such a pain being a human being just trying to have a good time.

Yeahright, what a buncha shit.

They're all stupid, the chaotic.
The stupid feed on chaos.
Fuck 'em.
Get outta there.

There's nothing deeper to know, nothing fancier to do.

Everything is as it seems.

Pack it up, and go.

Fuck drama, drama sucks.

This is some self-evident shit, but it plays a part in other segments.

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