Monday, June 13, 2011

There's nothing to know #3.

Fuckin 2: Love N' Romance.

Be yourself, find someone you like, and who likes you back, hook up, live happily ever after.

It's that simple, or, it ought to fucking be.

It ain't.


Well, cuz most people are fucking idiots, and totally ruin everything they get their grubby shitty little mitts on.
Sometimes, on fucking purpose.
Then you gotta put up with the fucking baggage they leave behind in people.
Then it becomes your fucking baggage, and fucks up the next poor unfortunate that has to put up with you.

The best thing in life, and it's been ruined by stupid people.
Add it to the fucking list.

Oh, okay, it's not ruined, but it can be fucking rough, depending where you live.

I got any advice for ya?
Hell, no.

Really, just stick to the first sentence under the dumb picture.
Don't make it complicated.

Oh, yeah, and don't read anything out of a fucking book.
How do I know the books suck?
The results speak for themselves.
The divorce statistics never dip down.
Dr. Phil never runs out of stupid fucking guests.
And really, if some asshole ever wrote the ultimate relationship guide, a massive chunk of the tree-killing industry would suddenly go *poof*.
So, there's no real profit motive to fixing this mess.

The fact that section at Borders even exists after all these decades should fucking tell you something.

Yeah, there's a lot of games, and jumping through hoops...for some people, and the books try to tell you how to navigate that maze of bullshit...but, they don't seem to be working...

So, fuck that, fuck games, move on to the next person.

Keep trying 'til you're fucking dead.

Or, be a hermit.
Does that work?

So, yeah, there's stuff that you wish you COULD know, but there's nothing TO know.

Anyone who claims they solved it is a fucking liar.

Or, if they actually believe their lies, they're fuckin' stupid.

And that's more giggling idiot shit too.

The idiots couple up, and giggle at the lonely people, and think they've solved the mysteries of the universe.

...then they fucking break up.
Ha, fuck them.

Yep, another case of there's nothing to know.

Stick to that first sentence, and cross your fucking fingers.

S'all you can do.

Everything else is bullshit.


Caudimordax said...

The flowers are pretty...;-)

Diacanu said...

Tch, thought this would be your favorite.

Thought it would be gangbusters with all the married men too.
Y'know, they'd be leaping up with testimonials of how single life was hell, and they were surrounded on all sides by maniacs and monsters.

Ah, well...

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