Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Right and Left debate in this country.

Right- I want corporations to rape us up the ass.

Left- No, I want the state to rape us up the ass.

Right- You idiot leftie. With the state, we have no recourse, but with corporations, at least I can pathetically dream that my meaningless dead-end cubicle jockeying will end in ME being the one doing the assraping.

Left- But WE are the state! The state is us! You get to join in on the assrape with your vote!

Right- That's not good enough. People are freeloading in on my assrape. It should take HARD WORK to get up to the front of the line for some assrape.

Left- What of the sick, and the old? Do they get any assrape? Or, would you just leave them in the streets to be assraped?

Right- If they didn't want to be assraped, they should have planned ahead in youth, and invested in a no-load mutual butt-plug.

Left- What of the crippled? They couldn't work to afford the butt-plug.

Right- The state shouldn't be assraping me to pay for it. It should be private charities. Possibly funded by the ass-blood diaper companies.

Left- So...somebody's getting assraped...

Right- Someone's always getting assraped, life isn't fair. But the state shouldn't assrape me to make it fair.

Left- But you're getting assraped anyway, hence the bloody diapers...

Right- Yes, but it's corporations raping me up the ass. I get to choose my assrapist in the free market.

Left- But, it's a monopoly of 4-5 rich families of assrapists that make all the assdiapers...

Right- It's 4 more choices than China...

Left- What does that mean?

Right- It means shuddup, commie.

Left- But you're defending a system where we're assraped by a minority, if we're going to get assraped, it should be by a majority, to spread the assrape around.

Right- Why should some bums get some assrape?

Left- Because bums are exactly who needs some assrape. Look, life isn't fair, someone's always getting assraped, so, why shouldn't we all assrape ourselves?
That's direct democracy.

Right- Assrape ourselves? What are we, contortionists? No, I'd rather that be handled by professionals.

Left- Like politicians?

Right- Fuck, no. I told you, hard work should determine assrape. Politicians don't work hard, because I say so.

Left- They work hard at assrape....

Right- Yes, but they didn't EARN the assrape, I want everyone to EARN the right to rape me in the ass.

Left- By?

Right- Selling me assrape in an open free market. Companies have to persuade me to spread my cheeks open, and they'll kiss me on the neck, and work my crank to boot.
The government just assrapes me.

Left- So it's not assrape if you like anal sex?

Right- You calling me queer? you're not?

Right- Hell, no!

Left- So, it's assrape.

Right- You just don't get it.

Left- Look, if you leave it to the corporations, there's no oversight, at least with state assraping, there's checks, and balances.

Right- But we're still getting assraped.

Left- Life isn't fair, but at least this way, it's fair.

Right- Wait, what?

Left- You just don't get it.

Right- Ope, lunch break's over.

Left- Yep, time to get back to it.

*Both are unceremoniously assraped*


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