Wednesday, June 15, 2011

There's nothing to know #8.


Fashion, lingo, trends, popular music, all of it fleeting, most of it crap, and all of it used to beat you over the fucking head, and make existence nothing but troublesome.

Generation, after generation.

And people know it.
They look at it dead on, know it for what it is, and go along anyway.
Even when they see posts like this, and go "right on!".

Most people are too fucking weak, and give in, and get on the boat, which is why the boat even exists in the first place.
All it takes is those first rotten conspiring giggling little shitheads to get the ball rolling.
We all gotta stop listening to giggling shitheads.
They don't fucking know anything.

How do I know it's all a bunch of shit?
The results don't lie.
It fails.
The illusion dissolves.
It's all a fleeting little cloud in the breeze.
"Cool", changes.
People get old, and bitter, and regretful, and realize what total insufferable shitheels they were as kids.
And they look at THEIR dumb kids, and cringe.
...and they do nothing to stop it, because they'd be hypocrites.
So, the next generation has to put up with these little assholes.
And so it goes.

Nothing there, nothing to know.

Oh, there's a LOT to fucking know if you wanna join in on this whole idiot dog-and-pony-show.
I ain't gonna fucking tell it to ya though.
You kiddin?
True waste of braincells.

Okay, you want a cool tip?

Wear black, and lug around a fuckin' baseball bat.

Someone laughs at your outfit, because it's not the clique approved costume, you hit 'em with the fuckin bat.

That's what the fucking bat is for.

You hear giggling tittering whispers behind your back, hit those people with the fucking bat too.
Even the chicks.
They never expect it.
The look on their face is priceless.
Might have to chase 'em.

Someone gives you a finger jabbing lecture against hitting people with bats, hit 'em with the fucking bat.
Extra hard.
Put your whole body into that one.

Eventually, you'll be someone people will want to get to know.
Trust me.

Worked for our ancestors, I'm betting it transcends.
I betcha.

And it'll put the lame sissy shit that used to be "cool", that week into perpsective REAL fucking quick.
Like greased fucking lightning.

That shit'll go from ineffable to crystal fucking clear, I promise ya.


Caudimordax said...

It's not that parents won't do anything to oppose the culture - it's that they can't. Peer pressure is so much stronger than parental pressure.

Of course there are the parents who try VERY hard - you know: home schooling, no dating, no dancing, no music, no soda - that sort of thing.

Steve Zara said...

I came across a study about a decade ago, saying peer pressure is the strongest influence on children. Scary.

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